Period of pregnancy up to delivery

Updated at: Jan 17, 2013
Period of pregnancy up to delivery

The period of pregnancy upto childbirth results in umpteen changes in a woman both physically and psychologically. Post deliver her relationship might change with her in-laws and husband.

Dr Pulkit Sharma
Newborn CareWritten by: Dr Pulkit SharmaPublished at: Jun 03, 2011

The period of pregnancy and childbirth results in umpteen changes in the environment of women at several levels: biological, psychological and psychosocial. Pregnancy and the initial transition to motherhood are experienced by several women as stressful. The hormonal and neurotransmitter environment undergoes several changes which impact the mood state of the person.


There are changes in body image which some women may dislike. She also needs to prepare herself for the responsibility of childcare and this may be in conflict with her other roles especially that of career. Her relationship with the husband and in-laws may change as the news of arrival of a child may affect the previously existing bonds in several ways. In situations where there is a troublesome relationship between the woman and her husband or the in-laws, the person may be extremely ambivalent about giving birth to a child. 

Postpartum disorders are classified on a continuum ranging from little to severe disturbance and broadly divided into three categories: postpartum blues, postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis.


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