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Perfect Diet for Women

Updated at: Jan 31, 2012
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Written by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Jan 30, 2012
Perfect Diet for Women

Healthy snack options, whole grains, keeping the diet simple and choosing healthy foods that you like as well, are some tips to choose the perfect diet for women.

There is no single diet that is perfect for all women. Rather than sticking to one type of diet strictly, you would be well advised to consider your body, health and fitness levels as a guide. It is not ideal to avoid the foods that you enjoy while hoping to get healthy. The key is to have nutrient-rich foods that give you enough energy to be in shape and avoiding a diet that is too restrictive.


How to determine the perfect diet for a woman


  • It should be simple – Your diet should be easily adaptable to your lifestyle, so that you do not have a problem in sticking to it. It is often complained by many women that they are not able to stick to a healthy diet regime. The diet you choose should be such that you do not lose motivation to stick to it. For example, having fresh foods that are not as processed as you used to may not be as difficult as perhaps, sticking to a prescribed calorie count.
  • You should eat what you enjoy – Being on a diet is not about starving yourself and neither does it mean that you have to forget about enjoying what you eat. Moreover, a study carried out in Harvard School of Public Health showed that people had better results with diets that included the foods they liked. However, the diet should consist of whole grains, healthy proteins, fresh fruits and vegetables, and healthy fats such as nuts, olive oil and avocado.
  • Whole grains – These are excellent in a women’s healthy diet as they provide her with long-term energy and also act as filler. When white rice was replaced by brown rice in a study, it was found that the incidence of adult-onset diabetes reduced. Other benefits include reduced risk of heart disease and improvement in weight management.
  • Snacks – If you are fond of having snacks, make sure that you know the healthy options. Low calorie, nutritious snacks are fruits, vegetables, cereals high in fibre and dairy products that are low in fat.
  • Your serving size – Be particular about having the right serving size as that can be more important than going on any sort of diet. This may help you even without going on any diet, i.e. if you do not manage your portions already.

Although you can expect a lot of health benefits by incorporating the above in your diet but having a regular mild exercise routine is also important.


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