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PDA He’s Okay With

Dating By Aparna Mir , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Nov 11, 2014
PDA He’s Okay With

Public display of affection or PDA is a way a person shows their care and affection towards their partner. So, what does your guy think about it? Find out here.

PDA He’s Okay With

PDA is a way of showing one’s feeling and care towards the other. Couples in a relationship do participate in PDA often. For them it’s a way of showing their love and affection.

Sometimes people around you don’t want to see your PDA and this can make your guy uncomfortable. But there are some public displays of affection that guys are okay with.


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Locking of arms

The gentle way of holding your guy’s hand while walking seems very simple and subtle but it’s a gesture to make him feel caring, protective and desirable. It’s a sweet and innocent way of PDA. This shows your warmth and closeness.


Gentle Touch

A light touch on his thighs can make him feel sexy. A gentle under the table touch is regarded as one of the sexy moves and is surely liked by your guy.


Soft Talk

In public, a light whisper in his ears can make him super excited. The ear is a neglected and untouched area, so a sense of your warm breath can trigger his body senses. This PDA move shows your proximity level and also it increases your intimacy level.


Naughty Touch

Pinching at his back is another PDA move guys really like. This is a way of making him feel needed and hot. This also makes him feel that his girl can’t take her hands off him and guys are really ok with it.


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Goodnight Kiss

Guys definitely enjoy goodnight kiss even if it’s in public. It’s totally alright to kiss, even if also you are in crowd. This PDA is a sign of your comfort level and closeness.

Apart from the above there are few PDA moves which can never go wrong.

  •   Holding hands and a light hug are always acceptable.
  •   Kissing is also suitable but should be done in good taste.

The right display of affection are necessary to maintain an intimate relationship with your guy. These PDA signs are appreciated by a man even in public.


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