Party Harder, but Sensibly this Year

Updated at: Dec 30, 2011
Party Harder, but Sensibly this Year

Festival Fever- Party time is to forget the entire hardship one went through all across the year and party harder, we find it difficult to correlate the two words 'party' and 'healthy'.

Dr. S K Thakur
Festival FeverWritten by: Dr. S K ThakurPublished at: Dec 29, 2011

However, we find it difficult to correlate the two words-‘party’ and ‘healthy’ and who wants to give a second thought, as it’s the time to forget the entire hardship one went through all across the year and party harder.  No, but one should take care that their health doesn’t suffer with the party season going on.

Now during the parties, the incidence of food binging and alcohol gets increased because of a group gathering rather than an individual sport.  As all wants to celebrate it collectively, binging problem comes into the picture.  Above all, mixing of alcohol with other drinks makes this a serious problem.

Then why to wait till the New Year’s Eve for taking corrective steps to get back into shape when one can simply take care of the few easy things which will help them in not regretting in future.  Heavy partying, unlimited booze and those ill-timed snack binges may have given you a slightly bulging mid-section or added more to the one already there.  


Party Diet Tips


Here are some key pointers which you can use to make sure healthy eating and partying sensibly.


Never Go Empty Stomach


Generally, people tend to starve the entire day and hog at the evening parties.  This is like abusing one's own body.  Our body has a biological clock that needs to be maintained.  It is simply impossible to persist yourself to the tempting delicacies served during the parties; it is better to opt for a healthy substitute an hour before to control your hunger before going to the party.  A plateful of salad or a big bowl of vegetable soup consumed an hour before the party will help you to escape from constipation.  Infact, this will fill you up and persist you to not attack the food platters.


Eat Everything but in Moderation


Sensible partying doesn’t mean starving yourself.  One can definitely eat the food you love, but eat in smaller amounts at frequent time intervals.  Limit the intake of commonly exchange of sweets, chocolates, cookies, X-mas cakes, which are high in fats, cholesterol and sugar content.  Binging on sweets can do no good.  Those who are obese must keep a close check on their food.


Avoid Acidic Foods


Avoid copious amount of acidic foods to keep yourself light when you head off to sleep.  Nothing is worse than burping in your sleep and feeling heavy the next morning.  Avoid cheese, red meats and those foods that have too much oil floating on them or appear too spicy.


Keep Yourself well Hydrated


Water is a one stop solution for the entire problem whether it is about combating with your hunger or next morning hangover.  Indulge yourself with lemonades, fruit juices, coconut water in between your alcoholic drinks.


Choose Right Drink


Be sure to choose drinks with low levels of cogeners (light drinks such as white wines, gin and vodka).  These are additives that are found in alcohol that increase your risk of a hangover. Take alcohol by the rule of moderation.


No Mixing of Drinks


Make sure you are not going overboard with your mix of drinks.  Detox immediately by drinking a lot of water and not munching snacks with every sip.  Do not mix your drinks which are customarily served to all the guests.  Also, do not force drinks on others.  Excess of alcohol weakens the immunity system, so avoid too much of alcohol and hangover due to alcohol can be similarly treated.

---Dr. S K Thakur, Consultant, Gastroenterology, Moolchand Medcity, New Delhi


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