Parenting a Teenage Girl

Updated at: Feb 27, 2017
Parenting a Teenage Girl
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Tips for ParentWritten by: Editorial TeamPublished at: Jan 31, 2013

Times are changing and girls want more freedom. You would have probably noted this--- your teenage daughter who has just entered puberty is becoming interested in opposite sex, wants to spend time with her friends, go for movies, lunches, dinners and even party.


In Indian society you are worried about it like--- Is it right? Should you let her go or discourage her? In India we give freedom to boys and let them go out and have a nice time. But girls are expected to stay at home as there are different set of rules, regulations and traditions for them.


As a parent you can let your daughter go out occasionally or discourage her totally. But with changing times it is important you change your thought process and provide her with some freedom.


Some reasons why you should loosen up as a parent, and let your teenage daughter go for occasional movie and party with friends.

  • Peer Pressure: When all her friends are going out with opposite sex-- it may not sound as a good enough reason -- but then it's unfair if she's the only one who is not allowed to go with boys for a movie or for lunch. Peer acceptance and approval s very important for socio-emotional development of a teenage child. To be left out completely may be nothing wrong according to you but it may affect her tremendously. Let her go for harmless activities such as a movie or party. But make it very clear that activities such as smoking, drinking and driving are not at all acceptable.
  • It is Healthier: If you let your daughter do harmless activities such as go for a movie or party it is more likely that she will listen to you. A complete ban on all activities that her friends are allowed to do will probably make her rebellious. And girls who are given the adequate freedom are more likely to sleep happier, become content and have a more mature attitude towards boys.
  • Is it Marriage: Many parents are strict with their daughters, as they have a notion that dating or going to parties is going to lead to “bad name”. This may become a hindrance in her marriage. But limiting her for some future liability is not entirely correct. Your daughter may find a match who will be broad minded or her romance may culminate in a happy and successful marriage.
  • Is it your Love: Many parents believe that they are strict because they love their daughter. But this is not correct. If you love your daughter let her some freedom---as this adequate freedom is likely to make her sleep happier, become a content person and have a more mature attitude towards boys. It is a very wrong notion that girls who go out for date or party are liable to become spoilt. It is important to strike a happy balance by allowing them to go for an occasional party and movie. But make certain rules like—the time they are supposed to return, they are supposed to introduce the person to you and go only if you approve of the guy, preferably go in groups than alone.

Let your daughter have the fun of growing up. Let her learn to strike a balance between home-work, grades and social life. Teach her right from wrong, and let her make her own decisions as small mistakes now will probably make her a more mature and responsible individual in future.




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