Parenting Issues And Concerns: 5 Ways Technology Affects The Upbringing Of Children

Updated at: Nov 14, 2019
Parenting Issues And Concerns: 5 Ways Technology Affects The Upbringing Of Children

Technology changes the way kids interact and socialize with others. It can have huge impacts on their emotional and mental well-being.

Tavishi Dogra
Tips for ParentWritten by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Nov 14, 2019

Have you realized that nowadays, technology has started impacting on children's upbringing? Yes, indeed, technology nowadays dominates everywhere, and it affects the development of children. According to experts, there has been a lot of change in the ways of raising children of parents in the last 20 years. Nowadays, most of the parents make these five mistakes, which affect the children.

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Give a mobile when the baby cries

Nowadays, the smartphone is present in almost every household and to silence a baby, and it is the best tool for parents. They provide their children with videos or games on mobile, which distracts the child's attention and silences them. But do you know that according to WHO, the blue light of mobile can be hazardous for children (younger than six months) and can damage their eyesight? Apart from this, for children younger than three years, using mobile for more than 60 minutes (daily) leaves several parts of their brain undeveloped.

TV instead of outdoor games

Television is also affecting the health of children. Nowadays most of the children get busy watching TV and playing computer games after returning from school. This is adversely affecting children's behaviour and psychology. Young children need to play outside as they get physically active and get vitamin D from sunlight.

Distance due to smartphone

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Nowadays, after returning from work, most of the people get busy in social sites, messaging apps and browsing etc. on their mobiles. At the same time, children also get busy surfing the internet, videos etc. Due to which (until the teenage years), there is no such bond between parents and children. Parents need to spend time with their children for 2-3 hours every day. Children should also help parents in their daily household chores.


Household work

Nowadays, parents think that education is essential for children, so their full attention is focused on good grades/numbers (in school). It is imperative to teach children small household chores such as cleaning, washing clothes, utensils, cooking, bringing essential goods from the market, etc. These habits are necessary, as to have a connection with the family and home.

Value of money

Nowadays the "purchasing power" of the people has increased considerably (than before), due to which parents provide expensive lifestyle to their children (bu children do not understand the value of money in the long run). In India nowadays, the tendency to show "show off" (in children of middle-class families) has increased considerably. The big reason for this is that parents do not explain the value of money to children. It is essential to take care of children's comforts, but they should also be taught to suffer (a bit of discomfort and dissatisfaction). 

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