5 Parental Mistakes That Put The Child’s Mental Health At Stake

Updated at: Aug 20, 2020
5 Parental Mistakes That Put The Child’s Mental Health At Stake

Parenting is a demanding job and sometimes parents do certain mistakes that hamper the mental health of the child.

Gandharv Gulati
Tips for ParentWritten by: Gandharv GulatiPublished at: Aug 20, 2020

The world and environment we are currently living in are extremely stressful. Not only for adults but also for children. Remember, we as a child used to play and enjoy our time. Kids these days decide their career much before their age which shows how mentally resilient they have become. In such situations, parenting is the guiding light. Certain mistakes that parents commit which affect the mental health of the child and it is better to know and avoid them.

Suppressing the kid’s feelings and emotions

Many times, you’d find your child to be confused or worried or frightened about something. Generally, what parents do is pacify them by saying, “it is fine”, “it is not a big deal”, “don’t be sad”, etc. By this, you are making the child believe that it is not a big deal and you are there to solve their problems. While it is fine at a certain age but this may affect their problem-solving skills. Knowing that you are beside, they would always run to you for help. When you’re not around, they would panic as they haven’t handled any situation before. Thus, listen to them and prepare them for situations to brainstorm and find solutions.

Being their saviour always


It is normal that we cannot see our child struggling alone. We always extend help and fix things for them which is not right. You must teach them that failures are a part of life and they should be prepared for the worst. You cannot be around them always and therefore, they need to settle things on their own.

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Overpampering your kids

Showering your child with love is good but not with gifts. A lot of parents fulfill each and every demand of the child both legitimate and illegitimate. This makes them skill-less. Fulfilling all their wishes and desires may backfire on you as the child loses self-control. When you do not meet their demands, they would become angry and even violent. In some cases, they hurt themselves just to make the parents bow down.

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Expecting perfection from kids

Nobody is perfect not even us then how can a child be perfect. Expecting him/her to be perfect in everything and excel is a big mistake that parents do. You should instead teach them to make goals and give their 100% to achieve it. Hard work is important, results are secondary. Setting the bars high can affect their confidence levels. This also hampers their mental strength as they lose sensibility while trying to produce results.

Not letting them come out of their comfort zone

No parent wants to see their child struggle for anything. For example, you feed them only their favourite food and not encourage them to try something new. It might be difficult for them to adopt in the beginning but eventually, they would learn. Keeping them wrapped in comfortable blankets would not teach them how to survive on a wintery night.

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