Overuse of herbal products can be harmful

Updated at: Jun 02, 2019
Overuse of herbal products can be harmful

A recent study suggests that herbal products can be harmful as well. Overuse of herbal products can lead to several side effects. 

Varsha Vats
LatestWritten by: Varsha VatsPublished at: Jun 02, 2019

Today almost every product is loaded with chemicals which can be harmful for one's health. To avoid the extreme exposure to chemicals people often choose herb based products over other products. As the harmful effects of artificial products are well known, there are herbal alternates available for each product.

A recent study suggests that herbal products can be harmful as well. Overuse of herbal products can lead to several side effects. The study was published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

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The study was conducted after an incident that took place in Canada. A man landed up in hospital after over consuming homemade tea made from licorice roots. The study later mentioned that licorice roots extracts can raise the blood pressure which can trigger headache and chest pain.

"Excessive amounts of some herbal products can have harmful side effects," said Jean-Pierre Falet from McGill University in Canada. 

"Products containing licorice root extract can raise blood pressure, cause water retention and decrease potassium levels if consumed in excess," Falet added.

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The study further explained that the 84 year from Canada consumed homemade tea from licorice root. the over consumption lead to high blood pressure followed by a headache, light sensitivity, chest pain, fatigue and fluid retention.

The patient later revealed that he had been daily consuming 1-2 glasses of homemade tea from licorice root extract from the past two weeks.

The researchers further explained that herbal products are definitely better than the artificial products but their consumption should also be monitored. Over consumption of  herbal products can also be harmful and you may face various health issues.

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