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Overcoming Sexual Performance Anxiety

Snr By Himanshu Sharma , Onlymyhealth editorial team / May 29, 2012
Overcoming Sexual Performance Anxiety

Sexual Performance Anxiety: the way to overcome sexual performance anxiety is by enjoying sex rather than considering it as performance.

Overcoming Sexual Performance Anxiety

Sexual performance anxiety is one of the concerns that hinder sex life and is more common in men. Similar to anxiety, sexual performance anxiety disrupts an individual’s activities and events. It happens when one emphasises on the outcome of his/her performance and worries over it. Women see sex as the channel to establish closeness and intimacy in a relationship and therefore, don’t experience anxiety over sexual performance.

Sexual activity is more of an art form than biological mechanics that need to be fun and relaxed. Sexual pursuit is also an opportunity for you to deepen the roots of intimacy. On the contrary, several men treat sexual activity as an examination to prove manhood. To overcome performance anxiety, they must realise that sex is not about performing, meeting deadlines or matching standards.

Mentioned below are some of the advices to overcome performance anxiety:

1.    Remain Distressed

Often, the cause of performance anxiety is external. Therefore, stress in your professional life may influence your sex life. There may also be innumerable reasons of stress beyond events and activities such as excessive alcohol, coffee or tobacco consumption. Try and remain calm and sort out the stress by introducing lifestyle changes so that your sex life does not suffer.

2.    Reinstate your Mind

What goes inside the brain has a close connection with sexual activity. If mind is not willing to enjoy sexual pursuit, there is no way that performance anxiety will keep away. Right attitude is the key to overcome performance anxiety during sex. Excitement along with confidence is a prerequisite to enjoy sex. Moreover, instead of pushing hard, you must try to let it flow.

3.    Relax about Sex

Don’t blame yourself if things don’t go the desired way. Sexual activity is governed by the unconscious mind. So, relax when you are at it. It becomes easier to go on with sex if you are comfortable. Stay relaxed and unhurried, but excited about making love.

4.    You and Partner

Performance anxiety during sex may arise as a result of an uncomfortable partner. Therefore, you will need your partner to throw away performance anxiety before both of you engage in any sexual activity. Moreover, you cannot rule out the idea of avoiding sex, which tends to increase sexual performance anxiety. You can make your partner comfortable in various ways such as by caressing, holding and cuddling. These gestures help you communicate better with your partner, which thereby comforts your partner and intensifies intimacy in a relationship. Worrying about not performing sexually will also distract you from sexual involvement with your partner.



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