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Overcoming Female Sexual Dysfunction

Snr By Pratima Sharma , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Feb 18, 2012
Overcoming Female Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction in females can be due to psychological as well as physical reasons, and you need specific treatment for each of these disorders.

Any problems encountered during the normal cycle of sexual response in females can be termed as sexual dysfunction. Primarily, this response cycle can be charted with the help of four distinct stages. These include the excitement stage, the plateau stage, the orgasm stage and the resolution stage. Overcoming female sexual dysfunction is all about understanding the causes responsible for the same and addressing them effectively. Most cases of sexual dysfunction are completely treatable. All you need is a bit of help from your partner and your medical caregiver.

Sexual dysfunction in females can be the resultant impact of various causes, both of physical and psychological nature. Efforts for overcoming female sexual dysfunction should begin from identifying them.


How to overcome female sexual dysfunction


  • Often sexual dysfunction could stem from physical illnesses which are temporary or chronic in nature. Some of the most prominent ailments which can have repercussions on the cycle of sexual response include heart problems, chronic ailments of the kidney and liver, diabetes, nerve related disorders, hormonal imbalances, and  menopause.  If one of these seems to be the reason behind persistent sexual dysfunction, overcoming it will involve medical intervention. Managing the diseases will be the right way to minimise the repercussions as well. Provided you are being administered the right kind of treatment, overcoming female sexual dysfunction will be easier in such cases.
  • If the sexual dysfunction has to do with psychological problems such as depressive tendencies you would ideally require the assistance of your psychotherapists and your partner for overcoming the same.  You should confide in your partner and share your problems with him, so that he can comprehend your woes. Overcoming female sexual dysfunction will seem much easier; with your partner by your side. Also, there are some anti-depressant drugs which are known to cause sexual dysfunction. Therefore, you need to discuss your medication options with your psychiatrist first.
  • Often sexual dysfunction might also be associated with some unpleasant traumatic experiences of the past. It could be a sexual assault, a breach of trust or even forcible sexual intercourse. In such cases, having a heart to heart discussion with your partner is the best way to try and overcome it. If the dysfunction is stemming from relationship issues and problems, mutual understanding has to be worked out for overcoming female sexual dysfunction.

The success of the efforts for overcoming female sexual dysfunction depends on how proactively you deal with it. Letting the problem persist for too long can only lead to marital discord.


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