Osteoarthritis treatment

Updated at: Feb 05, 2013
Osteoarthritis treatment
Shreya Lall
OsteoarthritisWritten by: Shreya LallPublished at: Jan 25, 2013

Osteoarthritis treatment involves awareness accompanied by certain lifestyle changes.

  • Providing information to patients about how to make their bones and joints strong and ways to make the muscles healthy would help in preventing the disease.
  • Early diagnosis would be helpful, any day.
  • Various organisations and websites give away vital methods on prevention and further care.
  • Since osteoarthritis pertains to the bones, joints and muscles, a low body weight would be helpful since it reduces the pressure on the prone areas.
  • Mild exercise, such as aerobics, to strengthen the muscles, bones and cartilage growth in the body always proves useful.
  • A healthy diet forms a major factor in the treatment. Antioxidant vitamins as C (as in citrus fruits) and E (in nuts, green leafy vegetables, papayas, etc.) protect the areas where the disease is likely to affect.
  • Also, vitamin D (exposure to the sun being a major source here) and calcium (found in milk products) are very important components, though here, the intake should be regulated and moderate.     
  • Over the counter medicines are also available to treat the condition.
  • Various devices are used as corrective measures for body alignment, for example, crutches, splints, walkers.
  • Soaking the affected part of the body in hot water or warm paraffin wax might be relieving.



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