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Organic Seeds: Need For A Healthy Lifestyle

Updated at: Jul 20, 2019
Healthy Diet
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Jul 20, 2019
Organic Seeds: Need For A Healthy Lifestyle

Need a healthy lifestyle? It's time to movie on to organic seeds. Here we bring some best organic seeds that will help you in changing your lifestyle completely.

A healthy lifestyle is the one, which is based on a balanced diet and exercise. Exposure and intake of chemically treated and GMO foods can be extremely unhealthy and may result in serious diseases and illnesses. However, including some seeds in your diet can help you balance your health and provide that extra boost to your immunity.

While buying or eating seeds, one must know that the contents of a seed, and how well it grows is determined by its genetic makeup, and to a minor extent, how well the mother plant was grown. Small unhealthy plants will produce poor quality seeds. But the seeds grown through organic farming are not only rich in fiber and nutrients but are good for the environment. 

Here’s a list of some organic seeds which help improve overall health.

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Organic Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are highly fibrous with 40% fiber content and are a rich source of antioxidants. Chia Seeds has high soluble fiber content and can absorb up to ten to twelve times their actual weight in water. Then it converts into a gel-like form and expands in your stomach. This way, it helps you feel fuller and aids in weight loss. These are also an excellent source of proteins especially for ones who do not consume any animal meat.

Organic Pumpkin Seeds

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These seeds are rich sources of iron, protein, omega-3, zinc, dietary fiber, and fatty acids, which can be eaten raw or roasted and flavored as per taste. They keep you healthy and provide you natural energy. These shelled, organic pumpkin seeds are completely safe for your health and healthy for any diet. They are delicious and raw healthy snacks, perfect for baking and cooking, being cholesterol-free.

Organic Flax Seeds

Do you know about the benefits of flax seeds? Flax seeds are a rich source of essential nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids. Pure and natural flax seeds add a light nutty taste, pleasant crunch and rich nutritional content to recipes. They are rich in dietary fiber, antioxidants, copper and manganese. Known as a great non-allergenic alternative to peanuts and tree nuts, they are an essential piece to any healthy lifestyle! You can sprinkle them into breakfast cereals, stir-fries, and hot grain dishes, or use them to garnish salads and vegetables.

Organic Black Cumin Seeds

Also known as Nigella sativa seeds, these promote overall wellbeing. Premium quality organic, raw Nigella sativa seeds improve digestion and boost immunity. They contain no GMO, no chemical pesticides, no chemical fertilizers, no additives, no MSG, no preservatives, non-irradiated, no ETO, and are salt-free and gluten-free.

(With inputs from Mr. Rishabh Chokhani, Founder, Naturevibe Botanicals)

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