Online Dating Safety Tips

Updated at: Jul 06, 2012
Online Dating Safety Tips

Online dating has become a common trend. Take a look at these guidelines to ensure that you have a safe online dating experience.

Himanshu Sharma
DatingWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Jul 02, 2012

Online Dating Safety Tips

Social networking has become a part of our lives. It enables us to make friends, get to know people and date virtually. Online dating has its flip side as well as online dating experience is not always safe.

Mentioned below are few tips on how to make dating experience safe:

Get to know the person you're dating

The most important thing is getting to know the one you are going to date. Talk on phone, share emails and video chat through social networking sites to communicate with each other. Take your time to know him/her and avoid making decisions of meeting him/her in person in a hurry. If you suspect that the person’s intentions aren't genuine, take some more time before meeting him/her in person.

Don't share private information too soon

There is no need to reveal any information that you would otherwise keep away from a stranger, such as your home address or where you work. Private information should not be shared until you decide to meet each other. It should start from sharing interests, passion, likes and dislikes but personal details. Never share private information to avert trouble.

Watch out for your date’s viewpoint, beliefs, interests and hobbies

You should pay careful attention to what kind of a person your date is before deciding to meet him/her. Observe how or what views he/she holds on  things. Showing an interest in knowing the person’s viewpoint, beliefs, interests and hobbies will make him/her share everything with you. This will also help you catch when he/she is lying. His/her viewpoint will make you understand when he/she is showing pushiness, anger-issues, overt aggressiveness or otherwise disturbing behaviour. It will help you plan the next move.

Choose public place to meet

Arrange the meeting in an open space. Meeting in public provides you an escape route if something goes wrong. A known and crowded public place should be preferred with familiar people around to assist you.

Inform a friend

Let at least one friend know that you are going on a date. Keep your friend informed about whatever is happening on a date. Bringing a friend along will be best to ascertain safety.

Prepare as much as you can

To keep yourself safe, do all that you can. Taking some precautions will keep you away from trouble. Follow your instinct and get off him/her if you feel something is unusual.

These are few basic things that you can keep in mind to ensure your safety. Online dating safety rules are almost similar to other ways of dating with a common principle of ensuring one’s protection.


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