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One-night stands: Precautions and Complications

Snr By Onlymyhealth Staff Writer , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jun 07, 2011
One-night stands: Precautions and Complications

One-night stands or just-met sex is understood as a single sexual encounter between two people with no expectations from either side for any long term commitment.

One-night stands or just-met sex is understood as a single sexual encounter between two people with no expectations from either side for any long term commitment.


Devoid of commitments


These sexual encounters are devoid of any commitments that real sustained relationships have. Since there are “no-strings attached” to these sexual relationships, people look for companionship and attention. Individuals indulging in such sexual activity barely know each other and have hardly spent any time together. Indulgence in sexual encounters or relationships of these kinds needs to be treated with caution as the chances of contracting STDs is more and can be life-threatening if certain safe-sex precautions are not taken into consideration.


Avoid having sex with strangers


Barely knowing the person can put you at grave risk of suffering a health condition as you are unaware of the person’s sexual history and physical health. Generally, one-night stands are coupled with alcohol and drugs with a belief that it enhances the pleasure. However, this is not true!  In fact intake of alcohol or recreational drugs numbs your nervous system and put your thinking mind in a limbo making you indulge in risky behaviour.


One-night sex or random sex


Having one-night stands or random sex is an individual decision and personal choice entirely. While for some it might be morally wrong but for others it might be experimentation. However, if you are experimenting with random sex, certain precautions can work for your own good.


Condom is a must


Carry a condom, whether you are a man or a woman. Only condoms give you higher protection from pregnancy and STDs. Do not use any other contraceptive methods as it may avert pregnancy but not sexual infections.


Alcohol and drugs must be avoided


Do not consume alcohol or any drugs as they do nothing for making your sexual experience special instead they make your thinking process go haywire resulting in risky behaviour and indulge in unsafe sex.

  • Do not randomly pick a sexual partner instead stick to a circle of acquaintances, who relatively may have a “safe sex” history.
  • Go for regular checkups to rule out any sexually transmitted infections or diseases.
  • Indulge in casual sex only when you are emotionally ready as it can be draining and one may feel “used”.



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