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One Night Stand - Weird & Funny Homemade Costumes

Snr By Bhadra Kamalasanan , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Mar 22, 2012
One Night Stand - Weird & Funny Homemade Costumes

The one-night stand weird & funny homemade costumes can help you add excitement to your one-night stand. The best part is that they can be easily made with easily-available articles.

One Night Stand Weird Funny Homemade CostumesOne night stands are perhaps the shortest meeting (with benefits) that two people can have. Considering that it is only a night worth spending with a stranger, one does not bother much about dressing for it. There is a point to not dressing for a one-night stand; first, all that is worn will be removed anyway and not much can be seen at night. This notion, however, makes it even more unexciting and perhaps regretful by the time you are in your senses. The good news is that you can brush through a one-night stand without being regretful the following day by wearing weird and funny homemade costumes.  


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Silk Leaf Swamp


Of all the green efforts that people have been chin-wagging about, you can finally bring it to practice by wearing a silk lead swamp costume, which is not only environment-friendly but also sexy. Here is how you can make it at home:

Buy a black sleeveless dress or cut the sleeves off a thrift-store dress and cover it by gluing silk spiderwort leaves along with plastic maiden-hair ferns over the dress’s body. Glue the leaves by putting a dab of hot glue at each leaf’s base leaving the tip free. To avoid mess, start gluing from the top of the dress. Choose the colours of the leaves to create a pattern. Make sure that the leaves you choose are big enough to not leave you exhausted by the time you finish gluing the entire dress.


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Hula dress

Assuming the tribal attire does not look good only in the forest but also in the bedroom. You can go wild with this hula dress, which will surely make your one-night stand interesting. Here is how you can make this weird and funny costume.

To make the skirt, cut two rope-style mop heads down till the knees. Line the ropes side-by-side and stick the sides with a ribbon and hot glue. To make the lei, bracelets and headpiece, cut ribbon to the desired length. For the lei, make 6 equally spaced crimps in the ribbon. To secure each crimp, use a transparent tape. Do the same with the bracelet and headpiece. Decorate the flip-flops by gluing a large gift bow at the top of the strap.


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Rose Garden

True to its name, the rose garden dress helps you to be one with the nature. Here is how you can make this floral weird and funny homemade costume:
Take a black one-piece dress and stick a couple of roses with their leaves on the neckline of the dress using hot glue. Decorate the hair with a potted plant fence-like hair band and extend a few wires from the band to about an inch distance from the head. Stick butterflies at the tip of the wire creating a rose garden effect on the head.


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