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One-Night Stand Survival Guide for Women

Snr By Bhadra Kamalasanan , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Mar 20, 2012
One-Night Stand Survival Guide for Women

A one-night stand may be difficult to survive for a women, especially when she didn't want to go for one. Here is a one-night stand survival guide exclusively for women.

One Night Stand Survival Guide for WomenSex may not always coincide with love and affection. There may be times when you felt physically attracted to someone so much that you were already making love to him or her in your head. Besides, a report by the American Psychological Association has confirmed that both women and men engage in casual one-night sexual encounters. As per the report, men are more casual about a sexual encounter because most of them have no interest in developing a relationship. On the other hand, women tend to pick their partners only if they feel that the man can provide them with a future relationship. Believe it or not, those who indulge in casual one-night sexual encounters do feel shameful or regretful about it the next day or later. In fact, some fall into depression. Find out how you should survive and prepare for a one-night stand.


Review your Intention Before Going to the Party

Review your intentions before you leave your house for the club or party. If you are in a relationship and ready to have a one-night stand, come to a decision only after giving the consequences a thought. A one-night stand does not happen on its own. If it is not consensual, it is not a one-night stand, but rape. Therefore, knowing whether you are up for a one-night stand or not helps you to be prepared when the opportunity presents in front of you.

Do not Forget a Condom

If you are a woman, do not depend on every man coming to a party to carry a condom. Must you indulge in a one-night stand, make sure that you carry a condom to prevent the consequences of AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.


Let Someone you Know about your Plans

Tell a close friend or family member about your whereabouts, especially if you are going to be out with a stranger. Let him or her know the location you will be at to ensure that you have a better chance of surviving or dealing with a dangerous situation.


Talk out the Consequences

Most people, who indulge in one-night stands, put themselves through self-recrimination, which can lead to depression. Talk what you feel about yourself after having engaged in a one-night stand to a therapist or a close-friend.


Important Tips

  • Learn from the mistakes: if you did not like the one-night stand you had, do not go for another one.
  • Limit the alcohol consumption, especially if you cannot control your sexual appetite following a few drinks.


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