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Office Ergonomics Tips

Updated at: Jan 31, 2013
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Written by: Editorial TeamPublished at: Jan 31, 2013
Office Ergonomics Tips

Ergonomics is the learning of the kind of work one performs and the tools that an individual uses in order to meet his professional targets. If your workstation is appropriate and is suiting your work space and the job that you

Ergonomics is the learning of the kind of work one performs and the tools that an individual uses in order to meet his professional targets. It also includes the environment in which one works.


If your workstation is appropriate and is suiting your work space and the job that you are performing, then you are:

  • Less likely to have day to day problems such as eyestrain or headaches.
  • Less likely to suffer from back or neck pain.
  • Less likely to suffer from various problems such as stress, depression, obesity and so on.

The need of ergonomics


Injury and illness can happen to anybody at any point in time. And if it happens to you at your office place, then it can cost both you and your employer. It can gradually have an effect on your job. In a study it was proved that more than 50 percent of the workers who used computers or laptops for at least 15 hours in a week suffered from one or more type of joint problems in their first year of job itself.


Reasons for job-related injuries are:

  • Posture- sitting and standing positions.
  • Falls. 
  • Dealing with vibrating tools at work. 
  • Cyclical movements. 
  • Bending over, elating heavy objects, or using strain or force.

Office ergonomics aids you to be more comfortable at work. It assists in lowering stress, anxiety and work related injuries which are caused by uncomfortable positions and repetitive tasks.


It spotlights on how things are set up in your place of work, such as:

  • Your office setup. The way you sit and how long are you able to sit in one position.
  • It depends on your capability and way you perform a particular task. The type and kind of movements you make and if at all you repeat the same movements again and again.
  • It includes understanding your workplace which includes temperature, noise and light.
  • The tools that one uses while performing their job and if at all it fits one needs and basic requirements or not. 

Injuries that can happen at work


Most of the injuries which take place at work are due to physical strain, stress and anxiety. Instances such as the way one sits or stands for a particular duration of time, overstressing oneself and so on are all linked to office ergonomics.


Symptoms may include soreness or acute pain in your:

  • Back.
  • Neck and shoulders. 
  • Hand, wrist, or arms.

One can be at risk for developing difficulties such as tendinopathy and bursitis. They can further lead to long term health conditions and must be taken care of in early stages.


Ways to prevent injuries at work


Let’s explore few ways as to how one can prevent injuries at work:

  • Try to sit in a comfortable chair, even when you have to sit for considerably shorter periods of time. 
  • Make sure you are not stressing much on any particular part of your body such as your arms or lower back.
  • Change your position often in order to maintain the flexibility of your body.
  • Don’t be at phone for long hours of time, if at all it is your job call then use a hands-free or speaker phone for doing that. This is because sitting on phone for elongated hours can lead to neck related problems in future.
  • Try and get up from your desk every now and then, instead of sitting at one place for hours.

Dealing with work-related injury


If at all you witness the warning signs which may lead to work related injuries in future, then one must:

  • Use ice packs in order to do away with soreness and inflammation.
  • Take over-the-counter medications in order to keep pain at bay.
  • Take ample amounts of rest in order to manage pain effectively.

However, if you have resort yourself to home treatment and it is not showing effective results, then one must call their doctor immediately. One might need to take the help of physical therapy or other treatments in order to do away with injuries.



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