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Offbeat ways to beat stress this Diwali

Updated at: Feb 02, 2013
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Written by: Sharanya ManolaPublished at: Oct 24, 2011
Offbeat ways to beat stress this Diwali

Coming Diwali, de-stress and release all the tension in an unconventional manner. You can do so by opting for various unusual therapies. So, pamper yourself and celebrate Diwali sans stress.

Offbeat ways to beat stress this DiwaliComing Diwali de-stress and release all the tension. One of the most unique ways of doing so is through unusual therapies. After all, we’ve all got one life so double the pleasure and fun! So, don’t just go out and distribute sweets because our dear friends that’s the most boring way of celebrating Diwali. You must do something that defies convention, at least this festive season! Excited, aren’t you? Well, read on and pick the one you like the most!


Snake massage

Before you begin imagining things, allow us to tell you that snakes that’ll massage you are non-venomous! Essentially, the snakes slither all over you and in due process give you a deep-tissue massage. Snakes would vary in size depending on what kind of massage you need. For instance, the larger ones help in alleviating tension in deeper muscles while the smaller ones crawl on your back to give you a tickling sensation. But, while they do their chores, make sure you do not panic because this might frighten those friendly reptiles!


Fish Pedicure

Wondering how it would feel when a half-filled tank populated with fishes nibble at your feet for a good long time. Well, don’t just wonder, go and get the feel of it!

In a fish pedicure, feet are cleansed first and then dipped into a tank full of doctor fishes called ‘Garra Rufa’. The fishes are allowed to nibble at your feet for nearly 15-20 minutes and this session is followed by a regular pedicure.
You needn't worry as your feet won't stink later on. After all your feet is there in the tank only to feed the hungry fishes!

Moon therapy

Energy of the full moon is channelized to heal negative energy in the body. You are basically asked to lie down in a stone-walled room with white curtains and lots of greenery around. The moonlight is going to stream through the curtains. This would be followed by a flower oil massage and a scrub. Although, the description might sound a little creepy but the full moon will revive your senses. You will come out of the room with rejuvenated spirit!


Beer Bath

Beer bath – sounds great, smells great and tastes great too, right? Wooden tubs would be filled with a special brew which is usually a combination of malts, hops and yeast in warm water. It gives a jacuzzi feel, especially when the bubbles stir the mix. While soaking, some of the beer spas also offer a couple of pints. So, while you soak you may sip too! Twenty minutes later you’re draped in a white cotton sheet and are allowed to sweat in a bed that is piled with hay. The session eventually ends with a dip in a swimming pool.

Jaw Massage

It’s a well circulated thought that when a person is stressed out and if he or she represses emotions the jaw often clenches. While you might have just touched your jaw to feel the tension spot but that’s not the best way to erase stress. Go for a jaw massage and release tension concentrated around the jaw.

Believe us; you will definitely come out reasonably happy. Have a therapeutic Diwali!




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