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Obesity Harms 'Later Brain Skill'

Updated at: Apr 12, 2012
Written by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Mar 27, 2012
Obesity Harms 'Later Brain Skill'

Obesity may make you forgetful sooner than you expect.

obesity harms later brain skillA Korean study suggests that being obese at a later stage in life increases one’s chances of having a brain decline. The study was done on 250 people between the age group of 60 and 70 with a high BMI or Body Mass Index. The seniors scored poor marks in cognitive tests. The research was published in the journal Age and Ageing.

The study has successfully established the connection between an excess of body fat and brain function. It also pointed out that lifestyle changes could help make a big difference in the brain function.

The participants of the study underwent BMI calculation, scan of fat stored in the abdomen, mental test and waist circumference measurements. The results showed that high BMI and high levels of BMI was linked to poor cognitive performances in the adults, who were aged between 60 and 70.  In individuals above 70, a high level of any of the three factors had no link to cognitive performance.

The researchers expressed a lack of information with regards to the participants developing dementia, but are sure of the fat’s contribution to brain decline. The doctors, who helped conduct the study, said that the impact of weight on the head can be kept in control or at bay by way of exercising regularly, checking blood pressure constantly and checking the cholesterol levels in the body.

As per several researches, at least one in three people over 65 die of dementia though there are things that a person can do to avoid the risk of developing it. The research also indentified the prevention of possible cognitive decline or even dementia by preventing obesity, particularly central obesity.




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