Numbness Symptoms during Pregnancy

Updated at: Feb 07, 2013
Numbness Symptoms during Pregnancy

Numbness symptoms are usually experienced during early stages of pregnancy, but some of them resolve only after delivery.

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PregnancyWritten by: Gunjan RastogiPublished at: May 24, 2012

Numbness Symptoms during Pregnancy

Numbness or tingling during pregnancy is a result of various pregnancy related factors such as changing hormone levels, production of pregnancy hormones, strain of carrying a baby and other mental and physical discomforts related to pregnancy. Numbness symptoms during pregnancy make the movements troublesome and make you spend most of your time lying on bed. Read ahead to know the three numbness symptoms:


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Numbness in the hands and in the finger experienced during pregnancy can be indicative of carpal tunnel syndrome. In carpal tunnel, the channel through which a major nerve to the hands and fingers runs becomes swollen. This inflamed channel exerts pressure on the nerve and compresses it. Inflammation becomes intense during nights. Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel are:


  • experience of numbness or pain in their hands
  • poor grip
  • loss of sensation in fingers
  • tingling and burning sensations
  • intense numbness during night
  • waking up with stiff hands
  • acute pain in the thumb, index finger and ring finger.



During pregnancy, body produces a hormone called relaxin in order to loosen the ligaments that hold bone joints. The purpose of producing this hormone is to aid in easy expansion of pelvic to deliver the baby. However, some women produce large quantities of relaxin. This reacts with the other parts of the body and makes the joints more flexible than required.

With increased flexibility, joints start collapsing on their places.  In addition, the "pregnancy hormone" progesterone makes the nerves more susceptible to pressure. The combination of both leads to the experience of  numbness and tingling in the arms, legs, hands and feet. Such numbness is called paresthesia and is over only after childbirth. Symptoms of Paresthesia are:


  • sensation of burning, tingling and itching
  • feels as if someone is pricking you
  • skin-crawling sensation
  • temporary numbness.


Sacroiliac Pain

This pain is experienced in sacroiliac joint, which is a collection of bones (most of which are immobile). Sacroiliac joint is located at the bottom of the spine. As the time of delivery approaches, irritation in the sacroiliac joint is experienced. This causes pain and numbness. However, it is not felt at the base of the spine, but down the legs - one or both. The pain and tingling sensation covers the back of the leg, front of the lower leg and the foot. Symptoms of sacroiliac pain are:


  • while holding weight, stabbing pain is felt in the hips and lower back
  • limping
  • this pain appears in the second trimester of pregnancy and increases with passing days
  • climbing stairs, rolling over in bed, walking, getting up from a sitting position, sitting down and bending will cause sharp pain in the legs and the back.


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