Now, Spas According to Zodiac Signs

Updated at: Dec 19, 2011
Now, Spas According to Zodiac Signs

Beauty Treatments & Body Surgeries - You can get spa treatment according to your zodiac signs. All the facilities are based on what suits your zodiac signs.

Tilottama Chatterjee
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Tilottama ChatterjeePublished at: Dec 19, 2011

The latest offering in the spa scenario of Mumbai is Rasi—The Zodiac Spa and Salon. This spa allows clients to get treatment according to their sun sign. Owned by Tabeer Amrohi, granddaughter of renowned filmmaker Kamaal Amrohi, and daughter of Rukhsar Amrohi, this novel spa is located in Andheri. Though coming from this illustrious film family, Tabeer has never been interested in acting or directing, although she is not averse to producing a film if she gets a good project.

Tabeer grew up devouring Linda Goodman, and according to her own admission was –“ obsessive and addicted to star signs”. Her favourite pastime was reading up about birth stones, lucky colours and other such things. Her other interest during her growing up years was massage, and she was the official masseuse at home. 27 year old Tabeer decided to merge her two childhood passions for her recently launched enterprise. According to this enterprising young woman,” people buy cars, jewellery, almost everything according to their sun sign, so why should beauty treatments be any different?”

Rasi—The Zodiac Spa and Salon offers a bespoke massage that Tabeer and her panel of astrologers have put together. The spa also boasts of a line of wraps, massages, scrubs and oils, which are customized not only as per the client’s needs, but also according to his or her star sign.


For the uninitiated, no two spa experiences are alike. Whether you are on a rejuvenating spa vacation, with idyllic days spent in a luxurious, soothing environment, spending the morning enveloped in a decadent chocolate wrap, and the afternoon experiencing the ultimate in winding down with a lavender, jasmine and orange blossom relaxing massage, or just escaping the daily grind, making a quick dash to your local spa for a well-deserved afternoon of relaxation, you have so many options and so much to consider when you have to make a decision from the spa menu of services.


It will be wise to remember that each sign of the zodiac will have its own preferences when it comes to the various aspects of a spa experience. Everything, from the massage techniques offered, the choice of aromatherapy to specific body parts benefitting from the healing and balancing treatments, will depend on the recipient’s zodiac sign.


For instance, the water sign Cancer will gravitate towards any type of hydrotherapy and the healing herbal aroma for Cancer will be chamomile, jasmine, lemon, lily, sandalwood, rose, cardamom etc. Whereas for the earth sign Virgo, all treatments that promote purification will appeal immensely. Their healing herbal aromas will be caraway, dill, fennel, honeysuckle, lemon balm, oak moss, patchouli.

According to the Putrajaya Shangri La Health Club and Spa in Malaysia, they specialize in zodiac sign consultations and recommend specific rituals and treatments for each individual. These treatments and rituals are complimented by blended oils, herbs, flowers, even colours that are highly compatible to the client’s zodiac sign. They claim that their personalized zodiac sign treatment will recharge and rejuvenate the body and mind to promote good health and lasting beauty.


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