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Noida GYM’s, Health Clubs and Fitness Centers

Updated at: Oct 07, 2011
Weight Management
Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Jun 01, 2011
Noida GYM’s, Health Clubs and Fitness Centers

Health Clubs GYM, and Fitness Centers in Noida: Address, contact details and other information on GYM, health clubs, and fitness centers in Noida.

Apart from doing exercising and going early morning jogging, one of the best natural ways to manage weight is to take green on regular basis. Green tea has been used as a mean for weight loss for hundreds of years because of its medicinal properties. Green Tea contains an ingredient called polyphenols which effectively dissolves the triglyceride deposits in the body. Although triglycerides are important for the body as they are the source of energy but excessive triglyceride deposits lead to fat storage in the body.

Check out the complete details of well approved health clubs, gyms, and fitness centre’s all over the Noida region along with their Contact Numbers, Address and other details.

List of GYM’s, Health Clubs and Fitness Centers in Noida


1.    New Life Slimming Point
               Sector-28 Noida
               Phone No - 2550376

2.    Arogya Yoga Center
               A-45, Sector-56 Noida
              Phone No - 2582480

3.    Slimming Clinic
               C-12, Sector-30 Noida
               Phone No - 2541935

4.    V.L.C.C
               B-9, Sector-16, Noida
               Phone No - 2511205, 2510787

5.    Personal point
               F-7, Sector-27, Noida
               Phone No - 2525522

6.    Beauty Image Sliming Point
               D-91, Sector-26, Noida
               Phone No - 2557586, 2525768

7.    Gold’s Gym
               I-9, Atta, Sector-27, Noida
               Phone No - 2539699, 2551153

8.    Adam & Eve
               C-14, Sector-19, Noida
               Phone No - 2556503

9.    Workout's Fitness Centre
               B-45 GB Nagar
               Noida sector - 12
10.    Way Fitness Academy
               C-119 Basement Noida sector-41
               Phone No - 9999487360




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