Nine Steps to Dental Health

Updated at: Mar 10, 2011
Nine Steps to Dental Health

Maintaining proper dental health requires more than just brushing and flossing. Here are few points that must keep in mind for maintaining dental health.

Dr Poonam Sachdev
Oral Health ConditionsWritten by: Dr Poonam SachdevPublished at: Feb 24, 2011

Brushing and everything more

Keeping your teeth as white as pearls, even in your old age requires more than just brushing and flossing. In order to keep your mouth and teeth in prefect healthy condition, here are a few points that your must keep in mind.

Get to know your basic teeth(y) needs

Diet, eating habits, and the types or amount of saliva in your mouth determines your oral health.

Minute alterations in your overall health have a great impact on your oral health status. Certain medications, for instance, can diminish the amount of saliva in your mouth, leading to a dry mouth.

Pregnant women undergo oral changes. This mostly includes soreness of the gums, which is also known as pregnancy gingivitis.

People who are suffering from asthma, mostly breathe through their mouth, especially when they are sleeping, which can lead in dry mouth and augmented plaque formation.

Religiously follow a habitual oral health routine

Discuss with your health expert or dentist and follow an impactful oral health routine which is not tough to follow on daily basis and which takes your problem into consideration. For instance, experts suggest that if you are consuming medications which leaves behind a sour, dry mouth, then one may be recommended to use fluoride on daily basis. People with specific health conditions such as diabetes, would be required to follow a specific day care.

Fit fluoride in your daily routine

It is not just children, but adults also who can benefit from fluoride. It helps in strengthening emerging teeth in kids and aids in keeping decay at bay. Experts recommend that mouthwashes and toothpastes are an excellent source of fluoride. Based on your particular need or requirement, your dentist may also prescribe rinses or gels.

Floss and brush to keep plaque at bay

You must brush your teeth twice in a day, especially after every meal. Subsequently, one must also floss twice in a day. This helps in keeping plaque at bay which is a compound mixture of bacteria that forms on our teeth on daily basis. Plaques which are bacterial in nature are also likely to cause gingivitis and related gum diseases.

Slash down on your simple sugars intake

Bacterial inside your mouth lives on the particles of food which are stuck in and around your teeth. As a result, they produce acid whenever you eat. Doctor’s advice that every time you eat any kind of food which contains complex sugars, your teeth are revealed to bacterial acids for a considerable period of time. Thus, this repeated attack of acids can cause problems with the enamel surface of your teeth which as a result leads to a cavity. However, if you can’t stay away from snacks then make sure that you brush your teeth soon after eating.

Along with keeping a tab on your sugar intake, one must also consume a healthy diet. Lack of mineral or vitamin intake can also lead to problems in your overall health and general health.

Tobacco in any form must be avoided

Doctors strictly advice against consuming tobacco in any form, be it smokeless tobacco, as it elevates one’s danger of gingivitis, periodontitis oral cancer and tooth decay. Excessive use of tobacco can also lead to stains on your teeth along with bad breath.

Check your mouth on regular basis


You are the best judge of your own problems. And when it comes to your teeth health, visiting a dentist on yearly basis may not be enough. Changes in the teeth might involve chipped teeth, inflamed gums, sores, discoloured teeth or lesions on your cheeks and tongue. Tobacco users must aim at getting their teeth checked on regular basis as they are at elevated risk of developing oral cancer.


A dentist visit is a must

One must aim at paying a visit to their dentist on habitual basis. Some people might feel the need to pay a visit to their dentist more often than others.




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