New Discovery for Heart Pills without Side-Effects

Aug 28, 2012

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New Discovery for Heart Pills without Side Effects

New discovery by scientists which has shown the way cholesterol level is reduced by the immune system can lead to development of heart pills without their side-effects. This discovery by British scientists could also help in new improved treatments for protection of heart.

The research carried out at University of Edinburgh has shown that the body’s immune system suppresses cholesterol level in order to fight viral infections. Immune hormone that does this has been identified. This enables the doctors to be very subtle in controlling the production of cholesterol and the related adverse side-effects.

According to Peter Ghazal, leader of this research team, statins have been wonder drug which prevent more than 150000 deaths every year. With the development of the new drug without side effects, it is all set to be bettered. As the new drug would not produce as much of cholesterol as statin, it would not lead to high cholesterol.


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