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Natural Ways to Outvote PCOS

Updated at: Sep 29, 2014
Written by: Ariba KhaliqPublished at: Sep 26, 2014
Natural Ways to Outvote PCOS

A recent survey in Mumbai has discovered that one in five woman is at the risk of suffering from polycyctic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). A PCOS expert suggests natural ways to recover from the condition.

A Mumbai survey has found that every one woman in five in the city is at the risk of suffering from polycyctic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). It is a hormonal condition that leads to formation of cysts around the ovaries. This in turn, messes with the woman's ovulation. It can lead to infertility.

Lifestyle conditions like sudden weight gain due to excessive sugar intake, consuming toxic junk food, being stressed, and following unpredictable sleeping habits are a few causes for PCOS. You may also develop the PCOS-causing hormonal imbalance by having fruis and vegetables sprayed on by pesticides.

Treating PCOS NaturallySome symptoms of PCOS are weight gain, irregular or disturbed menstruation, acne, mood swings, hot flashes, fatigue, and low self-esteem. Although medical interventions are available for treating PCOS, Australian author and PCOS expert, Dr Rebecca Harwin in her book, Conquer Your PCOS Naturally recommends some natural ways to recover from it. Such as:

Exercise helps you shed excess weight, correspondingly boosting metabolism and improving insulin sensitivity. "You could walk and lift weights, take a Pilates class or run on the treadmill. Do it for five days a week for 30 minutes," she says.

Take Magnesium
Research has found that magnesium deficiency in the body is directly linked to the disorder. Go for gluten free whole grains, green leafy veggies, legumes, nuts, sesame and sunflower seeds to up your magnesium intake. However, Harwin warns that for many, food intake is not enough. Here, supple ments like Isotonix Magnesium can help.

Don't Stress
Anxiety and depression cause hormones to be released into the blood.Hence, stress plays a detrimental role in causing and accelerating symptoms of the disorder. Stress and PCOS can both reduce fertility, gut function, and mental clarity.Both cause weight gain, adversely alter food choices and hinder regular exercise. Reducing stress helps flick the hormonal switch back in your favour. Listen to soothing music, and get adequate sleep.

Take in Calcium
Both calcium and Vitamin D help maintain the female anatomy. Cod liver oil, eggs, salmon, mackerel, tuna and whole-fat yoghurt or other dairy products are good food sources of Vitamin D. Calcium can be found in kale, turnip, collard, and mustard greens.

Practise Yoga
Yoga for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a powerful strategy. Regular practise can help weight loss, anxiety, depression, detoxification, stress reduction and general wellbeing.Yoga can also help reduce muscle aches, pains and adhesion that plague patients suffering from PCOS.

Treat Hypothyroidism
A sluggish thyroid is more common in women with PCOS. It can cause weight gain, difficulty losing extra kilos, lack of ovulation and infertility. PCOS and hypothyroidism commonly occur together and can be due to an autoimmune response or nutritional deficiencies. Depending on the cause, one can opt for a course of treatment and follow the recommended diet depending on the severity of the condition.

Article Source: TOI

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