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5 Natural Ways to Alleviate Back Pain During Pregnancy

5 Natural Ways to Alleviate Back Pain During Pregnancy
Quick Bites
  • Back pain during pregnancy is a common occurrence 
  • Maintaining a good posture is extremely important
  • If the pain persists for more than two weeks, then you must consult a doctor

Back pain during pregnancy is a common occurrence and it should not come as a surprise. During pregnancy, your weight and gravity changes, because of which your ligaments become naturally softer and stretch to prepare for labour. This puts your strain on your joints, leading to back pain. 

Here are some natural ways to alleviate back pain during pregnancy. These ways will help you keep your body as comfortable as possible. 

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Wear the Right Things 

It is extremely important to wear comfortable clothes and shoes during pregnancy. Wearing heels will put the weight forward which may lead to discomfort and back pain. So, avoid high heels and wear sports shoes or flats to balance your body and avoid falling. 

Also, you should wear comfortable jeans – the ones with wide elastic, specially made for pregnant girls. They will fit you well and won’t strain your back muscles. 

Practice Good Posture 

You should maintain a good posture during pregnancy. Making a few changes to your posture can help you get rid of back pain during pregnancy. Doctors recommend keeping your weight on your heels. Also, keeping your feet too close while standing can also put a strain on your back, leading to back pain. 

While sitting, try to stay close to the edge of the seat, like you would on an exercise ball. Sitting in this position will make your belly hang, which is good for the baby. But make sure you do not sit for a long time; sitting for a long time can pull on your lower back. Keep in mind the posture to avoid back pain. 

Massage the Pain Away 

Put a heating pad on your back to get relief from back pain. Applying heat to your back can give you quick relief. You can also use a warm towel to get rid of the pain. Massage is good for relaxation as well, so you can go for a professional prenatal massage. 

Deep Breathing 

Due to the excess weight, our organs get squished up, which can lead to your rib cage not moving properly, leading to back pain. Practising deep breathing techniques help in such a situation. Super-slow silent inhales through the nose will help get the breath into your ribcage and lower and middle back, releasing tightness in the muscles. Try deep breathing exercises to get relief from back pain. 

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Sleep Well 

It could be a task to keep the perfect posture to relieve a backache during pregnancy. Sleep on either side with one knee bent. Put a pillow between your knees and another under your belly. You can also use a pregnancy pillow to make sleeping more comfortable. Never sleep with both the legs pulled straight below, especially in the third trimester as doing so may strain the muscles even more. 

Don’t Forget to Consult a Doctor 

If the pain persists for more than two weeks, then you must consult a doctor. Severe pain during pregnancy can be a sign of preterm labour or urinary tract infections. If you experience vaginal bleeding, fever or burning during urination, then you should immediately consult a doctor to get a proper diagnosis. 

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Written by
Arushi Bidhuri
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamFeb 06, 2019

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