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Natural Cure for Type 1 Diabetes

Diabetes By Shruti Deshmukh , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Jan 28, 2013
Natural Cure for Type 1 Diabetes

Natural Cure for Type 1 Diabetes: A few natural remedies and tips are described here which help a long way in treating diabetes.

It is important to experiment and check what works to best to manage glucose levels for optimum treatments for diabetes. Sugar levels should be checked frequently and its log should be maintained for its further use.

A few natural remedies and tips are described belowwhich help a long way in treating diabetes.

1.       Diet:

Changing dietis one of the most important and effective ways of combating diabetes. Diet should have low glycemic (sugar) values and should maintain body weight, glucose and lipids levels at the same time. Ideal diet should constitute of 30% fat (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat), 40-55% carbohydrates (high fiber, low glycemic index) and 15% protein.

Natural juices of carrots, cabbage, coconut, spinach, etc.certain vitamins, minerals should be taken as a source of natural supplements.

It is important to limit and distribute intake of carbohydrates and calories throughout the day to achieve a near ideal body weight.

2.       Exercise:

It is observed that exercise helps in a great way to cure diabetics.Exercising burns calories and muscle glycogentherebylowering blood glucose.It also helps in reducing weight, improving insulin sensitivity, strengthening the immune system, etc. which reduces the risk of heart disease.

3.       Nutritional Supplements:

Following are natural supplements recommended to be a regular part of diet of a diabetic person.


It lowers blood glucose and reduces insulin resistance, total cholesterol and triglycerides and increases HDL (the good cholesterol).

It may be taken raw (soaked in water overnight) / added to curries / vegetables.

Onion and garlic:

Thesesignificantly reduce blood sugar levels for longer periods of time than synthetic insulin. They also have antioxidant properties which protect kidneys and liver from further damages caused by diabetes.

Onions should preferably be eaten raw while garlic may be taken raw or be added in food.

Bitter Gourd:

It has high insulincontent, which helps lowering sugar blood levels.

It may be taken form of juice (twice a day on empty stomach) or can be cooked as a regular vegetable.


It reduces blood sugar levels and slows down the emptiness of stomach, thus preventing blood glucose from reaching the high peak.

It can be added to almost everything cooked daily. Or it can be added to tea at the time of boiling.

Vitamin C:

It lowers high blood sugar levels. Its antioxidant properties reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, a common condition associated with diabetes.

It can be taken in any form: lemon juice, amla, etc.

Green tea:

It affects blood sugar by enhancing the insulin action in the body. It also inhibits the absorption of glucose in intestines which prohibits the peak levels of blood sugar.

And last but not the least, it is important to remember that all natural remedies work the best when they are supported with lifestyle and diet changes and maintaining them in the dailydiabetic menu.




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