National Cheese Day: Health benefits of cheese you must know

Updated at: Jun 04, 2019
National Cheese Day: Health benefits of cheese you must know

Extra cheese is the best treat you can give to your taste buds. Here are some health benefits of cheese which will motivate you to add more cheese.

Varsha Vats
Healthy DietWritten by: Varsha VatsPublished at: Jun 04, 2019

Cheese might be your favourite element of various dishes. You can never stop yourself from ordering extra cheese every time you order a pizza. People often love adding extra cheese to their sandwiches, pasta, macaroni and every food possible. A cheese dip has become the best partner of almost every snack. 

The health benefits of fruits and vegetables are quite popular but do you know the health benefits of cheese? Cheese is a dairy product which is loaded with health benefits if consumed in the right quantity. Cheese is loaded with certain nutrients which can provide you various health benefits. But you need to make sure that you consume it in the right quantity. Read on to know various health benefits of cheese which will make say- some extra cheese please!

Promotes Heart Health

Cheese can help you improve the functioning of your heart. The presence of potassium, phosphorus and magnesium makes it a heart-healthy food. Cheese is also rich in healthy fats which is good for your body and overall health. So, to keep your cardiovascular health on check you can add some cheese to your diet.

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Improves bone health

Consumption of cheese can help you improve your bone health as well. Dairy products are the best foods for your bone health as they are rich in calcium. Cheese is also rich in calcium which makes it a perfect element to promote bone health. Cheese is also rich in vitamin B which helps the body to absorb calcium properly and make use of it. It also reduces the risk of osteoporosis as it makes the bones stronger.

Helps in weight management

You can add cheese to your diet to make your weight loss process more effective. Cheese can be secret behind weight loss. Cheese is a good source of healthy fats which helps you control weight. Cheese is also a good source of protein which can help you control your calorie count. Cheese will also help you built a strong metabolism. A strong metabolism will help you hit the gym with great energy. There are also variants of cheese available like low-fat cheese which is a good option.

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Improves brain function

This might be a little strange but adding cheese to your diet can help you improve your brain power as well. A healthy brain will help in the proper functioning of the body. The omega-3 fatty and fatty acids content of cheese play the most important role in keeping the brain healthy. So, now do not forget to add cheese to the list of brain foods.

Cheese is loaded with health benefits but you should not over consume it. Add cheese to your diet in a limited quantity to avail its health benefits without any side effects.

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