Mumbai Kids Most Addicted to Junk Food

Updated at: Jan 23, 2012
Mumbai Kids Most Addicted to Junk Food

Mumbai Kids Most Addicted to Junk Food - Is your child addicted to unhealthy junk food? Junk Food Addiction in Mumbai kids.

Vatsal Anand
Tips for ParentWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Nov 15, 2011

Mumbai kids most addicted to junk food

In a survey done by AC Nielsen along with Knorr, it was found that kids in Mumbai cannot do without junk food such as instant noodles, pasta, sandwiches, biscuits and chips as snacks. The traditional healthy snacks such as poha, upma and dhokla are not the preferred food for the kids. The study was carried out across five metropolitan cities of the country, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai and Bangalore.

The trend is most disturbing in Mumbai with half the kids snacking on unhealthy junk daily. Apart from instant noodles and pastas; sandwiches, pakodas, samosas, kachoris and vada pav are the hot favourites of Mumbai kids. The problem that they face is one of having developed a taste for traditional snacks. They cannot do without having these. Moreover, even the mothers prefer to feed their kids instant snacks as many of them are working mothers who do not have time to prepare.

The popular brands selling the junk food have also realised the importance of nutrition, so they have started to market their product claiming their products to be full of nutrition. Unsuspecting mothers are most gullible to fall for these advertised claims. Vibha Kapadia, nutritionist from Mumbai said that even if the packaged products being offered are wheat-based or multi-grain based, they are better only up to an extent. Perhaps such foods would be better than those made from maida, but they are still processed foods which should be avoided. 

Any kind of packaged food contains trans-glycemic fats as preservatives, which are anything but healthy. Even the so-called energy drinks contain a lot of sugar which is harmful in the long run.



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