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Mumbai Fire: 10-year-old saved 12 people from suffocating

Latest By Arushi Bidhuri , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Aug 23, 2018
Mumbai Fire: 10-year-old saved 12 people from suffocating

A 10-year-old saved the lives of 12 people in Mumbai fire on 22 August 2018. Know what she did and what you can do to protect yourself in such a situation.

A fire broke out in the Crystal Towers located in Parel area of Mumbai on Wednesday morning. In this incident, four people died, and 16 were injured. Zen Sadavarte, a 10-year-old girl saved the lives of 12 people with her intelligence and presence of mind. The child used methods taught in her school regarding fire safety. She opened the windows and knocked on her neighbours' doors to alert them.     

On Wednesday morning, a fire broke in a building in Mumbai. Zen, who is only 10-year-old quickly collected pieces of cotton cloth and wet them, and asked all her family and neighbours to cover their mouth and nose with it and breathe through it. The drenched cloth helped the people breathe during the fire to prevent the smoke from entering their lungs. The wet cotton cloth worked as an air purifier that helped people breathe in oxygen and not the carbon present in the air at the time. 

Here are some ways in which you can protect yourself and others in such an unfortunate situation: 

Plan an Emergency Escape 

Try and plan an escape route by drawing maps, doors, and windows. Spot all the exit points from the front and back door. Make sure that all the passageways you are planning to escape from are accessible and if not, then plan an alternative.

Extinguish the Fire 

If you have an extinguisher, try to put the fire out yourself. If not then call the fire station immediately to notify them about the fire.

Do Not Take the Elevator

Never take an elevator when stuck in a fire. In such a situation, the elevator might get stuck and fall, and you might end up getting trapped or severly injured.

Do Not Panic 

The most important thing to remember is not to panic. Panicking can cloud your better judgment, and you might not be able to think clearly and sort out a plan. Take a deep breath and take appropriate precautionary steps to save yourself and your loved ones in such situations.

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