MRI Scans to Detect Paedophiles

Oct 22, 2012

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MRI Scans to Detect Paedophiles

A recent research claims that paedophiles can now be identified through MRI scans. The study suggests that individuals with paedophiles have a differently-wired brain and there is a fair chance that they may carry the biological defect since birth.

The professors of psychiatry at the University of Toronto observed the abnormalities detected in paedophiles brains, only to find out the discerning irregularities in the frontal lobe to observing paedophiles brain activity when they see images of naked children. In a comparative study, sex offenders appear to have significantly less white matter a substance that connects different parts of the brain than those who are paedophiles.


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There is a lack of connection between brains’s parts, because of which makes it difficult for paedophiles differentiate between sexual objects. After clinical trials, experts are certain that paedophilia can be identified through MRI and IQ examination, similar to the disorders such as clinical depression and bipolar disorder.


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