Most common reasons for lifestyle diseases

Updated at: Mar 31, 2016
Most common reasons for lifestyle diseases

We have gone so far in technology advancement to achieve all the luxuries to make our life easy. With all these technologies we have also advanced in encountering the lifestyle diseases at a very rapid pace.

Dr. Manisha Rastogi
Mind BodyWritten by: Dr. Manisha RastogiPublished at: Mar 31, 2016

We have gone so far in technology advancement to achieve all the luxuries to make our life easy. From remote to mobile phone all these handy things have made things very easy for us resulting in no physical activity and transforming us to be less social. With all these technologies we have also advanced in encountering the lifestyle diseases at a very rapid pace.

In year 2005, WHO has reported that 49% of deaths were caused by lifestyle diseases. Current data suggests that approx. 14 million people die every year due to lifestyle disorders. The target population for these types of diseases aged between 15-60 years.

Most common reasons for lifestyle diseases

The most common lifestyle diseases include obesity, diabetes, heart attack, high blood pressure, pulmonary diseases, arteriosclerosis, cancer, liver cirrhosis and many more.
Most common reasons for lifestyle disease include lack of physical activity, work stress, wrong eating habits, unusual biological sleep patterns, smoking, consuming alcohol and pollution. Let’s talk about these reasons for lifestyle disorders in detail.


Less physical activity

Technology advancement has always tried to make our living environment to adapt as per our requirement rather than acclimatization of our self according to the environment. While this has made our lives easier and useful to other purpose, it has also made it as technically, physically inactive and unfit. This transformed lifestyle has made us a couch potato and vulnerable to various lifestyle diseases. Lack of physical activity contributes to diseases like obesity, heart disorders, diabetes, stroke and many more. Less physical activity also limits the use of brain cells and they become least alert while voluntary coordination and more prone to stress and anxiety.


Eating habits

Next to physical activity, comes the eating habit as a major contributor for development of lifestyle disorders. Now a day’s people focus more on eating junk food ignoring the nutrition requirement of body. The urban population is more addicted to ready to eat diet with high fat and salt levels. These food items serve more calories with fewer nutrients. Increased consumption of processed meat and food items has put the population on highest risk for developing diseases. Also because of the work pressure and fast paced lifestyle, people tend to have packed food for their convenience. The perfect diet for a healthy body includes fresh fruits, whole wheat, vegetables and fresh dairy products.



The most prevailing lifestyle disorders are induced by stress. Stress causes many diseases like obesity, mental disability, Alzheimer’s, arteriosclerosis and gastrointestinal disorders. People now days are ageing very fast due to their work stress. Anxiety due to change in sleep pattern or improper sleep is leading to mental illness. Chronic depression due to lack of work-life balance poses even greater risks to one’s health and this problem often goes hand in hand with other unhealthy habits like smoking, consuming alcohol. Overall these practices result in development of serious diseases like liver cirrhosis, pulmonary diseases and even cancer.

Before a lifestyle disorder makes you a victim, wake up and adapt  healthy lifestyle by including physical activities and eating fresh foods.


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