Morning-after Pill that Works 5 Days

Oct 20, 2012

Quick Bites:

Morning after pill that works 5 daysA new contraceptive pill that lasts for up to five days post unprotected sex is ready to hit the UK market. The best part is that the pill can be bought without a prescription, though this move has drawn critics to be concerned. While until now, it was only possible to get the pill after showing the general practitioner’s prescription, the UK-base Co-Operative Pharmacy will be selling the five-day-after pill called ellaOne for 30 days without a doctor’s consultation.


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The pill will be selling in over 40 of the pharmacy’s branches including high demand places like Essex, London and Bristol. While the firm believes that it has by manufacturing no-prescription pills helped women make better choices, critics opine that doing so is likely to get people to be more casual about sex, contributing to rising cases of STDs. Critics also pointed out that while the company had initially assured that it would prescribe the pills in exceptional cases, though they are being widely sold now.


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