More Vitamin D may not Confer any Benefit

May 04, 2013

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More Vitamin D may not Confer any Benefit

A latest research suggests that blood levels of vitamin D or so-called "sunshine vitamin" higher than the top of the range may not confer additional benefit. Muhammad Amer, M.D., M.H.S., an assistant professor in the Division of General Internal Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the leading the research combined his findings with results of their prior study which examined the potential harm from higher vitamin D levels in healthy people.

It is advised that healthy people who have been popping these pills should not continue taking vitamin D supplements unchecked as more vitamin D no longer confers any survival benefit after a point of time.

The researchers agreed that some groups such as elderly, postmenopausal women and people with kidney disease are benefitted from higher blood levels of a vitamin vital to bone health. The researchers described their work in an article published online in the American Journal of Medicine.



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