#MondayMotivation: 5 Weird Things People Say To Pregnant Women And Why?

Updated at: Jan 06, 2020
#MondayMotivation: 5 Weird Things People Say To Pregnant Women And Why?

Happy to announce that Sucheta Pal welcomed a cute little prince on December 27, 2019. Here's what all she heard during pregnancy

Sucheta Pal
Women's HealthWritten by: Sucheta PalPublished at: Jan 06, 2020

I am thrilled to share that I have popped and welcomed a little prince into the family on December 27, 2019. However, the time when was I was the most pregnant (until last week of pregnancy), what came my way were a few weird things that people told me during pregnancy. Times when our ancestors saw pregnancy, it was all about making bleak guesses. But, these sayings don't just end where people do come across several things throughout their pregnancy. I had almost heard it all and would like to share what were the top 5 according to me and what I felt!

I was hoping you could read below to know the 5 weirdest things people said when I was pregnant. Do share what you came across during pregnancy if  you have anything else on the list too:

1# Don't You Miss Wine??


What I wanted to say back then was duh! Some things are essential when it comes to sustaining through a healthy pregnancy. More than anything, it is the will to do everything right and healthy just for the sake of your child. For me, my pregnancy was all about Zumba, dancing, exercising and practising good thoughts, which kept me going despite the complications that come along every pregnancy.

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2# Just By Looking At You I Know It's A Girl/Boy

Even though I enjoyed all of these predictions, I funnily wanted to say that, 'You're hired as our official astrologer'. I know everyone meant well, but these predictions should be taken lightly, more on a funny note. One should be open to all chances of having a baby of any sex. The only thing one should wish for is to have a healthy baby. Just like I preach in every post here, one should live well, exercise regularly and take a healthy diet to sail through the pregnancy phase with a constant smile on the face.

3# Can I Touch Your Belly?


Every time someone said that I said it in my mind, 'Sure... Rs.1000000000 per touch'. All in good spirit, pregnant women often come across this question where people ask if they could touch their belly to feel the baby's movement. Don't know what logic it had but always took it in a positive stride. 

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4# You Look Tired!

Ummmmm....try making life inside you is what came to my mind everyone said this to me. Even though I loved myself, my body changes to bits, I know how draining it was to cope up with the several changes taking place in my body. My advice to pregnant women is that it is okay to feel tired, low and sluggish in the last days of your pregnancy as your weight is at its peak, the baby bump is heavy. One should not let this take over as sadness. Staying healthy is all about feeling good about self by indulging in regular physical activities as I did.

5# Does It Not Freak You Out When You Think Of Delivering A Baby?


What came to my mind was something that I cannot write here, but all women feel the pressure when they think about the D-Day of giving birth to the child. The only thing that mothers can do is to stay fit and happy throughout the pregnancy phase for smooth delivery.

(With inputs from Sucheta's official Instagram)

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