Mobile Tips on Flirting

Updated at: Jan 20, 2012
Mobile Tips on Flirting
Vatsal Anand
DatingWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Jan 20, 2012

  1. The next time you think that your male colleague who is flirting with you is actually serious about you, think twice! A recently conducted research shows that most men who flirt at office are actually bored of their job and not satisfied with their career.
  2. People flirt for various reasons such as trying to have fun, boosting their self esteem or just trying to be popular. However, when the time they spend away from their desk increases greatly, it indicates that they are not enjoying their work and want to stay away from it.
  3. Flirting tip for men - Tell her that her graceful hair is like the lines of a famous painting. But don't be too technical: Comparing her Picasso's "cubism" phase may not achieve desirable results.
  4. Flirting tip for men - Also known as an "eye smile," a provocative quick look is more than just the usual smile as in that you also express your feelings nonverbally.
  5. Flirting tip for men - The trick here is to not make any obvious comments that the pretty girl must have heard countless times. Instead, catch her off guard by saying something nice about her shoulders (yes, her shoulders). That is more likely to spark interest.
  6. Flirting tip for men - Try to remember everything she's wearing, from her earrings to shoes. This will prove to be worthwhile in the future. She will be so touched that you actually remembered every little detail; it is bound to make her feel exceptional.
  7. Be articulate when flirting. In other words, flatter her with your knowledge of the English language. Articulating yourself will make her look at you in a more profound light. If your vocabulary is very limited, just mug up a few interesting words and use them accordingly.
  8. When flirting, have a few new jokes on hand that are harmless and universally appreciated, such as making fun of the in-laws. Or, you may want to play off your surroundings to set up a casual, friendly air between the two of you.
  9. Flirting tip for men - Try getting a few chuckles out of her when flirting. This will make her feel comfortable, and chances are you'll grow close to her friendship more quickly. Don’t expect a romance too early though.
  10. Flirting tip for men - Get her to talk openly about things that make anyone happy such as vacations, shopping or her favourite books and authors. If long-term relation is what you are after, nothing better than this.
  11. Eye contact is one of the best ways in trying to catch the attention of someone you are interested in. The best form of flirting may be only this.
  12. If flirting has become physical, it is important to not go overboard. So limit yourself to touching the person's hair or a gentle rub or stroke on the hand.
  13. Learn some tips of playful teasing for flirting. Remember the kind of playful behaviour you had with a loved one in the family. That can work wonders in flirting.
  14. If you want to flirt, throw her a lot of compliments and smile a lot. Make sure that any of this does not look faked.
  15. Grocery store shopping cart is a great conversation starter and also for flirting. You have the chance to chat about a whole lot of things – from favourite toothpaste to suggestions for dinner.
  16. Flirting tip for men – You can use the noise in a bar as an excuse for getting a little closer than you can in other situations. Do all of this with an air of casualness and with a smile.
  17. Flirting tip for men – If you have to leave the area where the woman is that you are flirting with, ask her out. Do not look for her or follow her through the store as that would make you look like a stalker. Keep it casual like a coffee date.
  18. Flirting tip for men – Don’t use pick up lines and believe that they will get you anywhere. Pick up lines are good only as conversation starters.
  19. Flirting tip for men – Keep a comfortable distance, but slightly bend towards her when talking and listening.
  20. Flirting Tips - Be sincere about the person you are flirting with. Be natural and do not put an act of being charming as that will come through instead be a genuine listener and be sincere with your complements.
  21. Flirting Tips - Right body language: Flirting should not mean a chance to get physical instead slight touch on the arm might be alright. Be cautious about not sending any wrong signals which can put you in the bracket of being “desperate” or a “freak”.
  22. Flirting Tips - Maintain eye contact but do not leer. Maintaining your gaze with your date will show your interest but never overdo it.
  23. Flirting Tips - Interesting conversation: A good talk can be a good start for a relationship but never indulge in asking personal questions especially if you are a man.
  24. Healthy flirting can be fun but it can be dangerous if you cross lines of decency or even break the ethics and values of marriage. So, do not get physical.
  25. Healthy flirting can be fun but it can be dangerous if you cross lines of decency or even break the ethics and values of marriage. So, do not Spend more quality time and finds emotional support in the person.
  26. Healthy flirting can be fun but it can be dangerous if you cross lines of decency or even break the ethics and values of marriage. So, avoid any sexual connotations in conversation.
  27. Flirting should be innocent and friendly and should not be anything which you would hide from your existing partner.
  28. Excessive flirting can mean bad news for your stable relationship as it may be a sign that your existing relationship is lacking something. Flirting should be innocent and friendly
  29. Excessive flirting can mean bad news for your stable relationship. Is it the emotional support you are looking for which ideally should be in a marriage?
  30. Flirting can be a great way to bring back the sizzle in your marriage or relationship provided your partner knows your personality and your intentions.
  31. Healthy flirting outside marriage means having good interactions and conversations accompanied with harmless teasing but nothing physical.
  32. Flirting can also help know yourself, that how interesting and appealing you can be and you can bring your high spirits back home to your spouse which can put the zing back in your marriage.
  33. Flirting should mean getting to know someone, having good conversation and sharing a few laughs. These will only help you and your marriage.
  34. Flirting can be a form of social interaction and can be fun if done the right way. The intention behind flirting should be right and so should your body language.
  35. Flirting can be fun if the other person is receptive or understands the intention. So make sure to convey that what you are really after is healthy flirting and nothing physical.
  36. Flirting Tip - Be cautious and do not send any wrong signals which can put you in the bracket of being desperate or a freak to the person you are flirting with.
  37. You may want to be in a consensual flirting relationship with your office colleagues, but make sure it never crosses the line of being physical.
  38. When flirting casually in office, be alert when identifying signals of a strong attraction. It can land you in a soup professionally as well as personally.
  39. When flirting in office, the line in being a harmless flirt and coming across as a cheap, attention-hogging wannabe must be given a thought.
  40. Do not flirt unnecessarily in office. Just maintain maturity and collar up your self confidence for that completely professional workplace affair.
  41. Flirting Tip - It is people with a strong personality who can successfully flirt and date a co-worker. This is because they are ready for office gossip, fear of blackmail and other general tempest of official affair.
  42. In a survey, it was seen that casual flirting at work was not an indicator of boredom with work for women. In men however, flirting was an indicator of the fact that they were not satisfied with their profession.
  43. People flirt for various reasons such as trying to have fun, boosting their self esteem or just trying to be popular. However, when the amount of time that they spend away from their desk increases greatly, it means they are not enjoying their work.
  44. Flirting tip for women - If you are at a store and find someone look in his cart and if there’s no “woman stuff”- say “remember to get something for your wife/girlfriend.”
  45. Flirting tip for women – When in a bar, compliment the guy you find alone by saying that he must be a trusty guy for his wife/girlfriend to allow him out alone.
  46. Know that the difference between flirting and casual conversation is not so much in the words as as it is in the tone, eye contact, occasional touching of the arm, and intensity of interest.
  47. Flirting with your colleagues, passing dirty jokes at them, sharing “Hey sexy” greetings with them can be risky. To an extent that it can even cost you your job. So avoid all these.
  48. Flirting in office can seem to be inevitable for some as we spend 40 to 60 percent of our time there. You need to avoid getting emotionally close too besides being physical as even that can trouble your marriage.
  49. Want to flirt with a colleague? Know that one can encounter a sea of troubles once they start an office romance. You really need to be careful and be strong to avoid gossips, possibility of blackmail and other troubles of an office affair.
  50. Flirting has many forms. It can be verbal or physical. However, it is best to start with a verbal form of flirting, especially in situations when you are not aware of the person you want to flirt.
  51. How to flirt – A simple act of waving hello, saying hello or simply grinning to a person are friendly ways of flirting.
  52. If you have a spouse who considers even casual flirting a form of adultery, avoid it by all means. You do not want to spoil your marriage for something so temporary.
  53. Men tend to flirt just to spice up their life as they find their work boring. Perhaps looking for another job would be a better idea!
  54. Are you flirting to fill the emotional void in your life? Go on only after putting this question to yourself, and if you are sure that it is a big NO.
  55. Flirting tip for men – Do not check out other women when flirting with one. It would spoil your chances of having a good time.
  56. Flirting tip for men – Put the person you are interested in a blissful state, emotionally and mentally, her reception toward you will be much warmer and friendlier. This can be done by talking about family, vacations or even favourite books.
  57. Flirting tip for men - If any sex talk come up in your conversation, make sure she is the one who started it.
  58. Be articulate when flirting – Men can have a great impression by using great sounding words but make sure that you are aware of the meaning. Using them in the wrong context would actually have an opposite effect.
  59. Flirting tip for men – Enthral her by telling all the details of dress and other accessories. This is one of the best ways to get her on your side.
  60. How to please a pretty chick – Compliment her on some aspect of her which is not so obvious, such as the jaw line, chin or even the shoulders. She is bound to be floored by such a different and interesting observation.




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