Mobile Tips on Dating

Updated at: Jan 20, 2012
Mobile Tips on Dating


Vatsal Anand
DatingWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Jan 20, 2012

  1. Are you dating a Mr. Right, be it just for having a good time or a long-term commitment? Know that if it is you who always has to avoid conflict with your date, he is not Mr. Right!
  2. If you are not able to trust your date, he is not right for you. Certain amount of jealousy is normal but if you there is something in him that always warrants your trust then think again!!
  3. Men can be as picky about choosing their date as women. When they find one which is the type they avoid, they scoot in the opposite direction as fast as possible!
  4. Are you the “I am always right” type girl men avoid dating? Do you allow your date to insist her point of view without him regretting it? Know that Men may like such women in the beginning, but soon realise that they cannot expect to be with them for long.
  5. The most important thing for an office romance to stay clear of troubles is to stay off public display of affection. Steer clear of this very evident nudge that will make people wonder and then ‘assume’ unless you are a two people organisation!
  6. Eating with the apple of your eye might sound and feel romantic but make sure you are not losing out on essential bonding time with colleagues. Believe me; you need the support and trust of your colleagues to survive the corporate labyrinth.
  7. Spending a romantic date together and that too on a weekday, is a dream come true for most. But make sure you are not charging your office’s account for the date! If you two are sent together for an assignment and you decide to make hay while the sun shines, use your own money
  8. Office romance can be a sticky affair if your colleagues come to know of it prematurely and the rumour mill starts working overtime!
  9. In a survey studying online behaviour, it was found that men were most likely to lie about their jobs while women lie about their looks. The survey was conducted by a popular online dating website.
  10. The most intriguing thing about an online survey on online behaviour is that although people lied about their appearance and jobs, they were quite likely to accept what their online date mentioned about him or her.
  11. Tips for dating a girl - Be punctual. Choose a restaurant with great ambience and good food. Offer to pick her up and drop her. Compliment her; tell her she looks beautiful (“You must have spent a long time getting ready for me” type niceties) and gift a bouquet of flowers.
  12. Getting ready for your first date ever? Wondering what impression will you make? Follow these tips - Be courteous to the hotel staff. Do not allow her to pay. Balance between talking to her and listening to her. Kiss her only if you feel that the moment is right!
  13. If you want a good relationship to work out, you will need to work hard on your dates. With the help of some hints on how to date a girl properly, avoiding bad dates and building a good relationship, you can come out trumps!
  14. Tip to get the next date - Tell your date that you enjoyed being together before leaving. Some people choose to tell this in person and some choose to let their date know through a phone call. This can be a cue to ask your date if she/he is interested in another date or not.
  15. The outcome of your first date can leave you confused about your next step. Do not be a clinger after the first date and call your date incessantly. Give her/him some time to think about it. But if your date replies quicker than you expected you know what to do!
  16. After first date - Now that a mutual decision has led to the beginning of a relationship, rethink the reason that made you like her/him. At times, individuals often mistake attraction for love or mutual admiration and this often makes it worse than one expects it to be.
  17. When it comes to blind date people often think about dinner or a movie date. However these are not good for blind date. Dinner dates adds to your anxiety while the movie date don’t allow both of you to interact and know each other.
  18. Like any other date planning is very important before blind date as well. You must plan for the venue of the date. Unlike dinner or movie, you should prefer public places that can unburden your mind from safety point of view and is enjoyable as well, such as a Coffee shop.  
  19. After planning you must prepare yourself for the blind date. We all know that first impression is important especially for a blind date. Your dress should match your personality or the activity planned. A little casual for coffee date and sporty if you have to watch a sport.
  20. Like any other date planning is very important before blind date as well. You must plan for the venue of the date. Coffee shop, art gallery and museums are some of the good options for blind date.
  21. Blind dates can turn out to be boring because it involves strangers. It is likely that you are not aware of the likes and dislikes of the person. The very first step of staying away from a boring blind date is trying to get to know the person beforehand.
  22. Give it an honest shot before labelling the date as boring. Try to understand the real cause of boredom i.e. whether it is personality difference or just because you two are taking time to know each other. The person may not be your soul mate but may become a good friend.
  23. Another way to get rid of a boring blind date is to simply make an excuse and step out. Before going on a date you can tell your friend to call you at a particular time. You can use this call as an excuse to leave and get rid of the boring date.
  24. People often expect blind dates to be adventure rides and in turn get disappointed. So be prepared for blind date without expecting much or at least have realistic expectations. You can try to transform your boring date into a fun and enjoyable experience by being positive.
  25. If you find yourself stuck in a boring date then you have two options. You can either get rid of your date or you can transform your boring date into a fun and enjoyable experience by keeping a positive frame of mind.
  26. Blind date safety tip - Find out about the person you are going on date with. Social networks are the best way to talk to the person. Ask your common friends to know what kind of person your date is.
  27. Blind date safety tip - If you are planning to go to a bar then select one where you know the staff, they can help you in case you land yourself in trouble. Moreover, a known place will also help you get ease of the anxiety of meeting a new person.
  28. Blind date safety tip - Ask your friend to call you during the date to make sure that everything is alright. In case the date is not going as you expected it to then you can probably excuse yourself and make a quick phone call to a friend.
  29. Finding a date - Remember the more people you meet, increases your chances of finding a date. Attend all the parties and social gatherings organised by your friends and relatives. By doing so you are increasing your chances of finding a suitable date for you.
  30. Finding a good date - For some people looks are of utmost importance while for others low IQ is a turn-off. Introspect and figure out what all qualities you want in your date. This will help you to make the right decision.
  31. Finding a good date - Those with extra kilos can get rid of them and can get a perfectly toned body. Besides being fit the gym may also become a medium of meeting your date!!
  32. How to date? Don’t be desperate! - Don’t open up as soon as you meet the other person as this might send the wrong signal to other person. Instead be patient and allow the other person to put in some effort.
  33. Finding a good date – Be proactive. If you think that you have found a person who can be the perfect date for you then make the first move. You can start by simply saying hello and then initiate dialogue.
  34. Finding a good date – It is important to look your best and feel good about yourself. Good looks give a silent message about your nature. For instance if you are well groomed then it shows your conscious and responsible attitude.
  35. Declining a date - Thank them for their time and tell them politely that you do not see each other dating in the future. Be precise and do not provide reasons. Tell them that you did not feel sufficiently connected which is required for sustaining a dating relationship.
  36. Not all people are smart enough to come up with ideas for declining a date. One must understand that bringing in a little sensitivity to the process can actually help you steer clear of a bad dating situation. Say that you did not feel connected enough for sustained dating.
  37. Turning a date down can prove to be very awkward for many people. It involves many feelings of insecurity leading to a loss of self-confidence. Tell them their positives first including the fun you had. But be clear when you say that this was not what you wanted of this date.
  38. In a recent survey, it was found out that both men and women consider friendship to be a vital ingredient of a dating relation. If you feel that you are best buddies and have genuine likeness for each other then you are surely in a healthy relationship.
  39. Sign of Healthy Dating Relationship - The differences that arise in your relationship are easily sorted out. Both of you know how to resolve conflicts amongst yourselves.
  40. Sign of Healthy Dating Relationship - Romantic feelings are important components of dating. However if you are in a healthy dating relationship, the feeling of comfort and satisfaction are experienced even more.
  41. It might be a fun bowling date but ladies please remember that etiquettes still come into play. Say ‘thank you’ if he opens the door for you or helps you bowl. He will appreciate the fact that you are noticing his effort.
  42. Men, it is perfectly fine if you open the door for your date but if you insist on ordering the food for her then you might want to reconsider. If she insists that you order for her then it is fine; otherwise always be courteous enough to let her decide.
  43. Your date might be a ‘chilled out gal’ but remember that if you goof up when it comes to table etiquette, most girls are very particular about it. You gal pal might not mind the way you chew but your date will!
  44. Being on time shows that you are interested in dating the person. If you are constantly late for your meetings then your date might think that you are taking this for granted and relationship problems will crop up.
  45. Cajoling your date in spite of the fact that she is hesitant will only worsen things. If she says ‘no’ then it probably means no. Learn to respect the fact that she might take more time than you to warm up to you.
  46. You might own a Bentley but the last thing that you want to do is brag about it in front of your date. Showing off is a dating etiquette no, no!
  47. Dating is an exciting prospect for anyone. It signals a new beginning; an entry into a new phase of life. However, one small mistake on a first date can make things go terribly awry. The first date sets the tone for the relationship and you don’t want to goof it up.
  48. Inexpensive date ideas - Join some activity club such as rock climbing or kickboxing together! It will help you spend time together and also satisfy your adventure rush.
  49. Inexpensive date ideas - Go for drives together. Indulge in some speed, feel the wind on your face and see the sparks fly on the date!
  50. Inexpensive date ideas - If adventure is not your thing, then you can visit art galleries or museums together. Join a poetry or book reading club and share your work.
  51. Inexpensive date ideas - In case you have very little to spare for a date, catch up on your favourite action movie together! A little ‘pulp fiction’ will go a long way in making your date exciting!
  52. Inexpensive date ideas - Cook your partner’s favourite food and surprise her/him. Set the mood with scented candles, potpourri and soothing music and watch your date crackle!
  53. We all feel the pinch of the empty wallet at the end of the month. However that should in no way spoil the good times that you want to have with your date! An inexpensive date idea for a quiet time together is - go for walks or sit in park or simply stargaze in the backyard!
  54. Looking for Love? Break the Rules of Dating. Next time, just be yourself and give the world a chance to fall in love with who you really are.
  55. If you want to avoid dating a co worker, be alert when identifying signals of a strong attraction. One must be genuinely convinced that his or her co-worker is interested in them; else you may found yourself in hot soup of office romance.
  56. Most of the people going for blind dates keep a lot of expectations. If you are walking in with expectations then you are surely ruining your dating experience. Decide to have fun irrespective of what your date will be like.
  57. Remember that you have nothing to lose in a blind date, so keep aside all the insecurities and anxieties. For instance, if you are not sure about your looks, or your new hair cut is making you uncomfortable then don’t let it bother you.
  58. In a blind date, do not be a snob and avoid cribbing about small things. If you find that you date is complaining about something then try to change the topic and avoid the situation by may be diverting their attention to something absolutely different.
  59. For enjoying a blind date it is very important to keep a positive frame of mind. Since you are meeting someone for the first time it is possible that you might not like them at first. Try to enjoy the simple things; even most awkward situations have something funny in them.
  60. On a blind date you are clueless about what you are getting into. You may be nervous and afraid at the same time. Remember that you have nothing to lose, so leave all the insecurities and anxieties associated with blind dates.




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