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Misconceptions about Losing Weight

Updated at: Nov 07, 2011
Weight Management
Written by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Oct 31, 2011
Misconceptions about Losing Weight

Weight Loss- With right knowledge you can lose weight in healthy manner. This article talks about common myths regarding weight loss and the truth behind them.

Misconceptions about losing weightMisconception: Strict diet speed up metabolism.

Truth: It is exercise that actually boosts up the metabolism. You can’t increase metabolism by following a particular diet plan. In fact, a strict diet plan makes exercise a difficult task.


Misconception: Starch rich food leads to weight gain.

Truth: All the starch rich foods don’t lead to weight gain. Many starch rich foods have small amount of calories and fat. It is never wise to totally eliminate starch rich food from your diet as starch is one of the three major energy source for human body.

Oats, soybeans, bread, rice, pasta, fruit and potatoes are some of the low calories starch foods. They only add up to fat if eaten in excess and with add-ons such as ice-cream, syrup and butter.

Skipping meals is the good way to cut calories.

Truth: Meal skipping is not a healthy way to lose weight. You may be surprised to know that by skipping meal you can actually end up gaining weight. This is because when you skin meal your metabolism slows down. In addition, meal skippers also have tendency to overeat in the next meal.

Best solution to this problem is to control the portion size and have regular meals. Replace your regular high calorie food with the lower-calorie alternatives.


Misconception: fats must be completely avoided.

Truth: It is not wise to completely stop fat intake. Our body need some amount of fat to be actually healthy. Good fats such as unsaturated fat are actually good for the overall health of your body. They help our body to absorb the nutrients and make us fuller for longer period of time. Olive oil and Omega 3 fatty acid (found in fish and nuts) are excellent fats for perfect weight and health. It is only trans and saturated fat that must be avoided in zest to lose weight.

Genetics is the ultimate determinant for weight.

Truth: Even though genetics plays an important role but this doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it. If your parents or grandparents were obese then you are only at comparatively higher risk of gaining weight. You weight is ultimately defined by the amount of calorie you consume and the type of lifestyle you follow. Active lifestyle, regular exercise and nutritious diet are the most important factors that effects body weight.

Misconception: Low-carbohydrate and high-protein diet is the best and healthy way to lose weight.

Truth: Depending on high-proteins for daily calorie intake is not a balanced diet plan. High-protein foods such as meat, eggs and cheese also increase fat and cholesterol level. Therefore it is important to take your daily dose of calories from variety of food.

In addition, if daily intake of carbohydrate is less than 130 grams then ketones (partially dissolved fats) is developed in blood.


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