Minissha Lamba admires Bipasha Basu for her fit body

Dec 27, 2012

Quick Bites:
  • Minissha Lamba finds chocolate horribly sinful.
  • She wants to invest in property.
  • She finds brainy men hot.
  • Minissha's fitness role model is Bipasha Basu.

Chocolate: Healthy or horribly sinful?

Horribly sinful since I love chocolates and I always end up OD-ing on them.


minissha lamba fitness tips

Bheja Fry, Chinese stir-fry or nothing fried?

Nothing fried. And it has been that way for two years now.


What is a man's sex appeal directly proportional to?

Brains, since personality weighs heavily with me.


Property or beauty?



My fitness regime

I train as much as I can... Which I always think is never enough!

My diet

Have tried lots of diets. But the only thing that seems to work is constantly eating. Not rubbish of course. But the focus has been to increase one's metabolism rather than starve the body.

My strengths

My abs definitely! Also, my waist and my curves.

My weaknesses

I'm petite so my frame has to always be trim. If I lose a little weight, it looks like I have lost a lot... But if I put on even one kg, it looks like I have put on a lot.

My fitness role model

Bipasha Basu

My favourite celeb body - female

Jennifer Lopez

My favourite celeb body - male

Salman Khan

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