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Methods of Vipassana Meditation

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By Pratima Sharma , Onlymyhealth editorial team / Feb 13, 2012
Methods of Vipassana Meditation

Methods of Vipassana Meditation:Here all methods are practiced with the sole aim of attaining supreme consciousness by improving upon concentration levels, that in turn helps in gathering mental strength.

Vipassana meditation has emerged as a popular alternate healing process. Primarily, the methods of vipassana meditation involve concentrating on breathing techniques, for unflinching concentration and complete focus. Meditation is performed in complete solitude where there is no secondary disturbance. However, regular practice of vipassana meditation would eventually improve your concentration levels to such an extent that you would be able to practice it almost anytime, anywhere.

Methods of Vipassana Meditation:

  1. Concentrating on the Belly—Quite like the Japanese idols of the laughing Buddha will tell you, the belly has an important role to play in meditation. The point right behind the navel is known as the hara centre and this is the point to be concentrated on when you start breathing. Breathing also involves the movement of the belly that is rhythmic and relentless quite like the breath.  As you learn to concentrate on the movement of the hara centre, your thinking process slows down and you are able to concentrate clearly. This is a phase when all thoughts and worries would disappear from your mind transporting you to a sense of enhanced awareness. The process should continue for 15 to 20 minutes after which you need to cease from concentrating to end the meditation.
  2. Watching the Coolness around the Nostrils— One of the prime methods of Vipassana meditation is to concentrate on the sensation of coolness created around the nostrils when you inhale. This sense of coolness should be concentrated upon in order to achieve the state of enhanced mental awareness. This too needs to be practiced in complete isolation in the beginning, till you are in a position to master the technique with complete finesse. However, as you master the art, it can be practiced almost everywhere.
  3. Concentrating on Breathing like a River—This method involves concentrating on the flow of breathing itself. It would require you to retire in a quiet and comfortable place and watch the flow of breath coming like the flow of a river, as it enters your system and leaves it through a rhythmic sequence. However, concentrating on the breathing flow would be quite like delving upon it like a witness. There should be a complete sense of detachment that prevailing over you.

These methods of Vipassana meditation are practiced with the sole aim of attaining supreme consciousness by improving upon concentration levels, that in turn helps in gathering mental strength.



Written by
Pratima Sharma
Source: Onlymyhealth editorial teamFeb 13, 2012

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