Methods of Kidney Cancer Treatment

Updated at: Apr 12, 2012
Methods of Kidney Cancer Treatment

Methods of kidney cancer treatment: Kidney cancer can be treated by surgery, arterial embolisation, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and biological therapy.

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CancerWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Apr 11, 2012

There are several kidney cancer treatment methods available nowadays, which include surgery, arterial embolisation, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and biological therapy. These treatments relieve sufferers from discomfort, pain, side effects of therapies besides easing emotional and practical issues.

Ways of treating kidney cancer is broadly divided into three types that include supportive care, symptom management and palliative care.


The commonest treatment for kidney cancer is surgery, wherein cancer in the kidney along with area close to tumour is treated. Nephrectomy is one of the forms of surgery, wherein kidney is removed.

  • Radical Nephrectomy: In this treatment, entire kidney along with the adrenal gland and some tissue close to kidney are removed. Additionally, some of the lymph nodes might be removed.
  • Simple Nephrectomy: Stage I kidney patients are treated by simple nephrectomy procedure in which kidney is removed.
  • Partial Nephrectomy: Portion of kidney that is manifested with tumour is removed in the procedure, usually when person is surviving only on one kidney, or if cancer has spread in both kidneys.

Arterial Embolisation

  • The medical treatment shrinks cancer tumour.
  • Arterial embolisation is also done to before an operation for easing surgical treatment.
  • The procedure relieves symptoms when surgery is not possible.
  • In the procedure, narrow tube known as catheter is attached with blood vessel in the leg. This tube establishes link to renal artery, therefore, supplying blood to kidney.
  • Besides, blood vessels are blocked so that tumour doesn’t receive oxygen for growth.

Radiation Therapy

  • Radiation therapy, sometimes referred to as radiotherapy, is a process to kill cancer cells with the help of high-energy rays.
  • This is also done to shrink the tumour before surgery.

Biological Therapy

  • Biological therapy, a type of systemic therapy, is another way treating kidney cancer.
  • Interferon alpha or interleukin-2 (also called IL-2 or aldesleukin) travel through bloodstream, and influences cells of entire body.
  • Biological therapy uses immune system to combat cancer.


  • Most popular method for treating cancer is chemotherapy, a type of systemic therapy.
  • In the procedure, anti-cancer drugs are injected in bloodstream.
  • Chemotherapy has not proved effective against kidney cancer, but researchers are certain that drug some combination will prove chemotherapy as effective treatment method for the malady.


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