Men thy name is vanity too

Updated at: Dec 09, 2010
Men thy name is vanity too

Here are some beauty tips for guys. Go to a beauty parlour, get a facial done, get your eyebrows plucked and have a manicure-pedicure session as well.

 Kakoli Thakur
Fashion & BeautyWritten by: Kakoli ThakurPublished at: Dec 09, 2010

Man and face packHere are some beauty tips for guys. Go to a beauty parlour, get a facial done, get your eyebrows plucked and have a manicure-pedicure session as well.


The era of TDH guy has bid adieu in a new social milieu where men wanting to look gorgeous is no longer a taboo. These men do not shy away from skin and hair treatments or even plucking their chest and eyebrow hair. After all, right from Bollywood dudes to the common man, everyone wants to look good. The recent mushrooming of men's beauty parlours
is  a pointer to this upcoming trend.


Superstar Shah Rukh Khan dared to look beautiful when he did the Lux beauty soap ad where he was shown in a bath tub with rose petals. These days, you have even ads on fairness cream for men.


Just go around your neighbourhood and you will find a dozen of men's parlours that prove the fact how men of all ages have become conscious about their looks. An owner of such a parlour Salim Khan says, "Yes, in our parlour we have facilities for facial, bleach, manicure, pedicure, threading, hair colouring, waxing. The maximum rush is on weekends. Hair colouring, facial and bleach are the most popular in our parlour. Trendy haircut is also in."


"Yes, I come here every three months for my bleach and facial," says Rajesh Singh, a regular. 
Beauty expert Shahnaz Husain feels looking good is not just a female prerogative. "Men also realise the importance of good appearance. Looking one's best imparts self-confidence, which is very necessary in today's competitive world. Moreover, there are many jobs in which appearance counts, like public relations, media relations, front office jobs, marketing and sales, jobs in hotels, tourism, television (anchoring, news reading), modelling,  fashion industry and so on," she says.


Husain says good looks and good health have become two sides of the same coin. Exposure to television advertisements and global trends are some other factors that have also contributed to men wanting to improve their appearance and demand grooming products and salon care, she feels.


Lakme Salon's Rachna Sharma says, "Today, the most important thing is how you present yourself. Ours is a ladies hub but many male customers come to us with different queries. Among them, skin and hair care are the most common. Many go disheartened when they hear we deal only with women. Today men don't feel shy to go for waxing, bleaching and hair colouring. In fact males spend more than females on their overall look, they are more
conscious about their X factor."


Agrees Shahnaz Husain: "Salon care has also become popular and men's salons have mushroomed at  phenomenal pace. Our men's salon offers hair, skin and body care, along with the usual salon services, like manicure and pedicure."


Surprisingly, some male models don't feel it is important to go to male beauty parlours. "Yes, men also have a right to look good. I go to gym regularly to maintain my physique. For skin care I just go for steam bath," says Tayyab Sameer, a model based in Delhi.


Mumbai-based model Anand Kawaljit Singh says in a similar tone, "I resolve every day to stay happy and healthy through spiritual growth. Basically I connect to my deeper self through prayers and that keeps me beaming and smiling which helps me to look good."


When asked to be specific if he visits male beauty parlours he says, "I maintain basic hygiene and without intending to be vain or arrogant, I think I am just too blessed," he quips.  While some do not admit visiting parlours, they all agree that look has become important for the common man. So dudes, it's time to get beautiful! 



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