Men's Grooming: Fixing Rough Hands

Updated at: Jul 29, 2013
Men's Grooming: Fixing Rough Hands

For men who want to redefine the stereotypical masculine guy image, there are simple hand-care remedies that can be followed. Scan here for such natural ways.


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Rough hands have hitherto been a symbol of masculinity, given the fact that a fair amount of hard physical work went into its making, and such labor could only be performed by a strong butch.


grooming men's handsAnd women would never deny that a strapping, good-looking man was very masculine and attractive.

However, the 21st century allows for few careers where physical exertion is mandatory. Except for sportsmen and lower-grade jobs of carpenters and mechanics, the only exertion of the present day man comes from gymming and exercising.


Accordingly, the interest of men in beauty care has evolved, especially in metropolitan cities. It has thus led to the coining of such words as ‘metro-sexual’ and ‘uber-sexual’ to describe the new masculine prototype - a chic hairstyle, immaculate chin, hands and feet, clean shaved chest and oodles of beauty products to maintain these.


With such a revolution in the redefinition of the stereotypical masculine guy, one cannot blame women if they refuse to be swept off their feet at the sight of work-worn, rough hands.


For men, who can feel such winds of change and decide to blow along with it, there are simple hand-care remedies that can be followed –


  • Add cornstarch in a bowl of warm water and mix it well. Soak your rough or scaly hand in this water for 5 minutes. Regular treatment like this will soften your hands.
  • Apply petroleum jelly in your nails before doing messy jobs. This will prevent dirt from getting lodged.
  • Rub your hands with sugar and lime juice. The sugar granules will exfoliate and the limejuice will lighten the skin. It will also soften the skin.
  • Rub your hands with a mixture of sugar and olive oil for 1 minute. Wash it off.


For men with a hectic schedule, who cannot afford time for these home remedies, there are plenty of hand lotions and night creams available in the market. And even simpler than that, is getting a manicure once in a couple of months.


Among all these talk of softening the skin, there will still be men who prefer rough hands to the so-called ‘effeminate’ self care. Luckily for them, there are some women who think the same way. Simply filing off any obvious snags, cleaning dirt from under the nails, and making sure they are clean is sufficient to them.


To them, soft hands can thus also be a signifier for laziness and unmanliness. In that case, manicure and other such self-care techniques are also very ‘sissy’.


However, in a lighter vein, soft hands as being attractive is light years away from Elizabethan England – where long nailed little fingers of the courtly gentlemen was quite an attractive thing to the ladies!


The markers of masculinity thus has obvious class and lifestyle connotations, however a minimum amount of self-care is necessary to woo your lady. Go ahead, try your luck without it, and see if being ‘rough-handed’ works!

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