Men Can Pop a Pill for Birth Control

Aug 18, 2012

Quick Bites:

Men Can Pop a Pill for Birth ControlMuch to the delight of feminists worldwide, now men will also share the burden of family planning and may soon be able to pop pills for birth control.

Scientists have discovered a compound, the first ever hormone-free birth control pill for men, without affecting their sex drive. Taken daily or weekly, the pill would finally help women by allowing men to take part in controlling birth control more effectively.

This drug that was tested made the male mice infertile without affecting its sex drive. The drug when given to rodents produces a rapid and reversible decrease in sperm count and mobility with profound effects on fertility. The interesting thing lies in the fact that once the intake of this pill is stopped then the fertility quickly rebounds. It is a fact that due to the lack of contraceptive alternatives for men there is a high rate of unplanned pregnancies.

Just in case you are thinking of the side-effects, the pill is hormone free and during tests it did not produce any side-effects.


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