Dwell upon Happiness to Beat Stress, it is time to Meditate

Updated at: Nov 19, 2013
Dwell upon Happiness to Beat Stress, it is time to Meditate

Meditation is letting go, and when you let go of it all only then will you be stress free. Here is an insight on meditation and why it is a preferred mode to de-stress.

Arka Roy Chowdhury
Mind BodyWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Nov 19, 2013

Unfortunately modern life is ridden with stress, and we make it worse with our illusion of escapade in the form of alcohol and recreational drugs. Have you ever considered meditating?

meditation to de-stressThe mind and the body are well connected; if your mind is at peace then your body would be at rest, after all the brain is responsible for sending all the messages down to the body. But stress does not seem to leave our lives; we are ridden with stress, fear and anxiety. These in turn lead to illnesses. You however have mediation as a way to de-stress and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul. People have in fact experienced how meditation can have a stress reduction impact on them, a great part of meditation is relaxing.

Understanding Meditation

In the true sense of the word, meditation simply means freeing the mind. According to Osho, meditation is to drop everything that is there in one’s memory. It is not concentration, or thinking about something, someone, and it is to be in a state where there is only consciousness, and awareness and nothing more.
In his words, "If you light a lamp and remove all the objects surrounding it, the lamp will still go on giving light. In the same way, if you remove all objects from your consciousness, all thoughts, all imagination, what will happen? – only consciousness will remain.”

This pure state of consciousness is what he calls meditation. Now if you do not have anything whatsoever in your mind and you are devoid of everything that was previously there in your mind then you are free of all your stress too. You have to understand that by meditating you are removing all matter from your mind and therefore there is no question of stress.

Why Meditation for De-Stressing?

According to researchers, meditation is the number one most effective form of stress buster. Meditation that was developed in the Eastern cultures thousands of years ago is simple and transparent. It does not require any expenses; it does not require artificial drugs and so on. It reduces health care costs and stress reduction and improvement in mental health are becoming increasingly relevant to health care.

Moreover, meditation is complete rest; it is a full stop to all activities, physical, mental and emotional. When a person is in deep rest and nothing stirs him or her, when all action is ceased, then there is nothing that can keep you stressed. You are asleep and yet you are awake, such is the magic of meditation.

What one must remember is that meditation should never be a forceful thing to dwell upon, which cannot be meditation. When you meditate you let go of it all, and there is nothing left that needs to be worried about.

According to Osho, "When you have learnt the art of being at rest you can be both active and restful together, because then you know that rest is something so inner that it cannot be disturbed by anything outer." Hence you are completely stress free.

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