Medical Tourism in India

Updated at: Apr 23, 2014
Medical Tourism in India
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(Less cost, world-class expertise, good holiday destinations)

The places where medical tourism is being energetically encouraged include Greece, South Africa, Jordan, India, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore. India is a latest competitor into medical tourism.

Based on a study conducted by McKinsey and the Confederation of Indian Industry, medical tourism in India could turn out to be a $1 billion business by 2012. Further to it, the report states that: “By 2012, if medical tourism were to reach 25 per cent of revenues of private up-market players, up to Rs 10,000 crore will be added to the revenues of these players”.

Experts predict that as high as 150,000 medical tourists came to India last year. Though, the current market for medical tourism in India is only limited to healthcare seekers coming from Middle East and South Asian economies. On the other hand, some people predict that the medical tourism industry will boost even without wooing much tourists from Western countries. 

To top-it-all, price benefit is the major selling point. Thus, the slogan which is gaining popularity when you talk about medical tourism is “First World treatment' at Third World prices".

If one compares the prices of surgeries keeping in mind Western countries and India, this is what one can say in a nutshell. An open-heart surgery could price up to $70,000 in Britain and up to $150,000 in the US; however in India's best hospitals it could price ranging from $3,000 and $10,000. Knee surgery (on both knees) would cost up to 350,000 rupees ($7,700) in India; contrary to it in Britain this would cost up to £10,000 ($16,950), more than double.

If one comes to think of it, say experts, dental, eye and cosmetic surgeries in Western countries cost three to four times as much as in India.

Leisure Tourism is already one of the selling point as far as India’s tourism is concerned. India offers diverse scenic beauty and cultures right from its historical monuments rich heritage to its vast deserts. India has always been up with the idea of tourists coming whether for seeking any kind of medical service or for just exploring our history.


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