Measuring cups and spoons can help you lose weight

Updated at: Aug 23, 2017
Measuring cups and spoons can help you lose weight

Weight Loss- Measuring cups and spoons helps to control the portion size as well as calorie intake. This article gives you some handy tips to make best use of measuring spoons and cups.

Bushra Kafeel
Weight ManagementWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Aug 23, 2017

One of the effective ways to lose weight is to control your portion size. Measuring cups and spoons helps to control the portion size and calories. They give visual of correct portion size so that whenever you eat out you can immediately recognize large size of meal. 

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The simple formula to lose weight is that your calorie intake must be less than the calories burnt on daily basis. It is easily to get charts of healthy food and their calorie content but people often go wrong when it comes to estimate the number of calories consumed. People often underestimate the number of calories they are consuming on daily basis. Here are some tips to use measuring cups and spoons to lose weight: 

Keep them handy

People often try eyeball estimation with high-calorie ingredients such as butter and oil. This always leads to generous estimate and cost your weight loss plan. Keep the measuring spoons and cups in kitchen to have right estimate of the portion size. Use them to measure oil while preparing your food, while taking out to eat and when you spread your favourite peanut butter or jelly on the bread.  

Don’t overfill them

Measuring cups helps you to have perfect portion size provided you use them in right manner. Don’t overload them, the heaped portion has extra calories that are not calculated in your weight loss program. Make sure to level-off them for the desired portion size. 

Downsize the dishes

When you start to measure the food, it may happen that regular-size dinner plates encourage you to load them up with food. To avoid the situation replace your regular plates with smaller plates so that they look loaded with food. Downsize your plates, bowls and glasses in accordance to the amount of food you are going to have. This simple change will help you to stay away from the fact that you have scaled the portion size and are eating less! 

Take mental notes of serving sizes

Measuring cups and spoons are essential for weight loss but it is not possible to always carry them along with you. You can’t rely on them when you are at your friend’s place or out for party. When you use them make sure to visualise the serving size. Over the period of time you will get use to how the particular serving size look like and need not rely on them all the time. 

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