Massage Therapy Techniques for Frozen Shoulders

Updated at: Sep 13, 2011
Massage Therapy Techniques for Frozen Shoulders

Massage Therapy- Techniques of massage therapy relaxes the muscles and effectively help to cure a frozen shoulder. Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and joint massage are some of such techniques.

Aditi Dasgupta
Home RemediesWritten by: Aditi DasguptaPublished at: Sep 13, 2011

Facing trouble or pain while lifting your arm? This might be a case of frozen shoulder. A frozen shoulder occurs in an individual when the shoulder joint becomes too stiff or painful making it difficult for the individual to make it rise above your head. Such a condition is clinically called adhesive capsulitis. This usually restricts the area of motion for the arm and occurs due to the tightening or inflamed ligaments that attach the shoulder bones to each other. 

Read on to know several massage therapy techniques that can help reduce and cure a frozen shoulder.


  • A hot water compression on the frozen shoulder helps the muscles to relax and reduces the pain.
  • Physiotherapy sessions help reducing the intensity of the frozen shoulder considerably over a few sittings.
  • Home exercises and being on of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medications under the guidance of a healthcare practitioner are also recommended.
  • Apart from that, the massage therapy techniques include slow and continuous massaging of the shoulder joints keeping in mind the comfort of the person. The pressure should be just right for the muscles to lose its stiffness. This massage treatment technique usually takes from 10 to 12 months and the person suffering from frozen shoulder should not worry about this time-consuming technique of massage.
  • Massage techniques include deep tissue massaging which is extremely beneficial for people affected with a frozen shoulder. The deep tissue massaging technique or the shiatsu usually involves an in-depth tissue-scar revival reducing the swelling caused by the unnecessary friction of ligament wear and tear. This massage is recommended to people suffering from frequent muscle spasms and to reduce target-based inflammation.
  • Another technique of massage therapy for people suffering from frozen shoulders is the Swedish massage. This involves a patterned technique of gentle kneading of the muscles and long strokes applied to reduce surface muscle tension. It provides an overall relaxation to the body muscles. A heat therapy followed by a Swedish massage should be the ideal way of ending the massage session as heat is helpful for treating frozen shoulder.


People usually in the age group of 40 to 60 years show symptoms of frozen shoulder. The causes are varied and the initial symptom starts from a shooting pain in the shoulder region followed by a spasm or the “freezing” point where the joints turn stiff. Such conditions require daily exercises and massage therapies to improve the condition.


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