Married People Happier than Singles?

Apr 04, 2012

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Married People Happier than Singles

Marriage has always been revered in all cultures as an institution that brings together two souls in a bond of love and commitment for life. However, in countries where divorce rate is high such as USA, the trends in the past 30 years would suggest that people prefer being single for longer. So, you find more adults living single in USA, in part because they are not getting married early enough, but the main reason being very high divorce rate.

These facts would tell you that Americans prefer to stay single because they do not want to bet on continuing their marriage to give them happiness. According to psychologists, marriage is the most important indicator of happiness.

People report greater satisfaction from marriage than career, community and even money. It also leads to better health as confirmed by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) which found that husbands and wives are less likely to indulge in heavy smoking and drinking, suffer from frequent headaches and psychological problems, compared to those who are not married. According to the statistics presented from the survey of Pew Research Center, 43 percent of married respondents said that they were happy compared to only 24 percent of unmarried respondents who said the same.

The flip side to this is that marriage brings a lot of responsibilities that many people may not be willing to take. Usually the one who takes responsibilities of looking after the home is the one more likely to feel happy. Despite this marriage makes people happier. According to a study conducted in Germany in which 24000 couples participated, people are likely to have an upsurge of happiness just after marriage. It is natural considering the fact that the change in life brought about by a new companion, and the intimacy in relationship that he or she has brought with it is going to be heavenly for a while.

However, the same research suggested that people are inclined to return to their normal level of happiness over a period of time. The earlier one gets used to living with the companion, the sooner the happiness in marriage would cease to exist. Wedding bells cannot foretell happiness in marriage. It is important that you pay attention to personal character development during the single years. This is because making your marriage last would depend on the priorities in your life, and since we have seen what makes you happier, you should consider making your marriage last as much as possible.


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