Try these mantra yoga poses

Updated at: Nov 11, 2017
Try these mantra yoga poses

Mantra Yoga Poses: Mantra Yoga poses are important if you want to follow the practice for deriving its maximum benefits.

Vatsal Anand
YogaWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Nov 06, 2017

The main objective in the practice of Mantra Yoga is to attain accuracy of recitation with the correct attitude and thereby, aiding in the channelization of energy to the divine consciousness. The steps involved must be followed perfectly in order to attain bliss, purification of heart, peaceful mind and improved power of concentration.


Guidelines for Practicing Mantra Yoga

  • Mantra chanting or Japa must be performed in a quiet place that is free from all possibilities of disturbances. A specific time must be set aside for the mantra japa. Dawn or dusk is considered very auspicious for this purpose.
  • Sit in a comfortable position on the mat or rug. Keep your spine straight and you can use the sukhasana position. You should have been told an appropriate prayer to say before the chanting by one who initiated it.
  • In the same way, you should practice deep breathing for five minutes before starting your chants. Concentrate on your inhales and exhales.
  • Start repeating the mantras mentally with feeling. You can also chant the mantra out loud with a mala or rosary that has 108 beads for keeping count of repetitions. Pronounce the mantra without mistakes. A mantra such as OM is suitable for all and can be related to any devotee's deity.
  • Chant the mantra neither too slow nor too fast throughout your practice. Be watchful during mantra Yoga and keep your focus on the mantra. If your mind goes here and there, gradually bring it back to the meaning of mantra and go ahead with the chanting.
  • Conclude your japa practice with prayer and then sit quietly for 10 minutes. Now you can begin your daily tasks with ease.

The above practice is very good for all kinds of mantra chanting devotees. These also have great health benefits. You can never mind a peaceful mind and restful heart! This is a great way to improve concentration and most importantly, develop positive attitudes towards life. Performing this practice diligently would place you in a very good position to deal with any kind of stress in your life. Mantra yoga is an excellent self improvement programme.



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